Untraineded Dogs & Men

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(Remember – style is ‘spiritual shock talk’ to provoke thought)
Untrained Dogs & Men
December 2, 2012
Who let the dogs out!? Most men are not ‘dog’ trained. Dogs can be wonderful especially when trained! Men, same thing! I suspect most people can’t see males who have not ‘let the dog out’ within them. The ‘dog’ means untrained/restrained testosterone. Those who have it ‘untrained’, seem to relish it, and  defend it without sensitivity to others with a more ‘evolved libido’.

Back to dogs. This sunny late fall afternoon as I walked in a semi-meditative state along the roadside, an occasional car passed by, especially one. Now cars pass by sometimes three feet way at this point. As this particular car slowly passed by, a screeching little dog, belted out sudden ‘yap-yaps’, and frankly scared the crap out of me for that moment! However, it activated my memory for dogs I’ve encountered the last year or two.

Barking dogs that bark at anything automatically, are like the testosteroned male humanoid, even if he’s less obvious. The similarities are often not too obvious. There are dogs that insist on jumping all over you, as a significant percentage of males do in their minds looking for the chance to ‘make it real’. It’s wonderful to know that everyone has great desire for closeness, but from an overflowing heart. The world, even in open America, is filled with people who have ‘walls around the heart’. For many males there is no wall of control in their lower brain. Of course, many females, are seemingly oblivious to this with either a wall around their heart, and who know what else!?

Some dogs are not very trained, if at all, on where to let their biological needs go much like the majority of males, except for good toilet training. Dog owners often are not trained to train their dogs. Dogs are very loving regardless, unlike most people,  who dole it out like people with money to help others – nickels and dimes at most. An untrained dog usually has an owner who doesn’t care enough about those who encounter their dog, and yet they spend enough on ‘untrained doggie’ per month to feed millions of different families around the world for several months. Untrained dogs make most reticent to invite someone’s dog into their house, likewise untrained men, give all men a tainted reputation.

Love happens best with trained dogs, and with humans who exude the warmth of love toward others. Never has their been a time when ‘training’ for love and compassion for others, animal or human, was greater. Love is best when it flows on the high roads of life – it may take training!

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