Transmission of Spirit

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Transmission of Spirit
December 1, 2012
Each of us is a ‘vehicle for the transmission’ of an energy to another, and others. All that’s needed is the ‘transmitter, and the open receiver. It begins as an invisible essence enveloping slowly into a manifestation coupling with the spirit of the caretaker parent to not only create a being that reflects what came before, but the ability to receive transmissions of spirit in the journey of life. This ‘transmission’ is so innocent and vulnerable from before birth, and especially through the growing years, and although less open into adulthood still receptive, particularly if an openness with love came first in childhood.

By adulthood, we are predisposed, especially without the use of self focus on higher choices, to what we were fed earlier. Others spirits, be they either negative or positive, corroborate what we have become or have a momentary-to-long-term effect on our  being. Love that comes, apart from any duty, can have a lasting effect in every life future moment, especially affecting our life’s choices in all situations. ‘Partner’s of love’ in life are a reflection of the amount of love, and openness we have instilled within since childhood.

You are like the soil that is prepared for growing plant life and food. If you or soil is cultivated with sensitivity to be set for maximum positive growth, the odds of that happening are invariably increased. Life becomes a ‘choice less choice’ when given the balance of love and openness. When early life has met with various forms of negative drama, still choices are available to correct the way life seems to have gone astray with complications that are choices harder to avoid. A balanced person is one who is almost on a ‘cruise control’ like an automobile to head into situations that continue supporting higher choices.

The ‘transmission of a love spirit’ is one that will have compassion, empathy, and deeper love toward others especially those closest. You will have a sense of clarity and perceptiveness beyond the mind into an emotional spirit that creates a wisdom beyond the intellect.

One of the greatest ‘sins’ or barriers in life is to give over your power to any outside force. Communicate with the spirit of life, or godliness directly. Beliefs are not needed, what is needed is ‘knowing’. Beliefs hide your ignorance from using the ‘freedom’ to seek truths on your own. Beliefs create resistance to higher transmissions in your life. Avoid distractions from you going direct to life’s answers of joy and celebration – it’s your birthright!

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