I Am Jesus (7 of?)

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I Am Jesus (7 of?)
November 30, 2012
Being ‘Saved from Jesus’, and being in your own consciousness is godly. Man’s supposed recollection of what he said 2,000 years ago is like you remembering what you said 24 hours ago – pretty sketchy at best. In the ‘dawn’, we begin to see, and when the ‘sun of god’ shines from above, unfiltered by our presuppositions from others, we then see what the dawn cloaked. The 20th century was the ‘dawning of a new age’ of beginning to see what the lights of the 21st century really exposes. We have begun to see both the battles of the dark past, along with seeing more clearly the beauties we have missed.

I have no idea if I or you were that Jesus, for there is no objective credible record of that particular man existing, inspite of ‘believers’ even claiming he appeared before them. What the bible says is necessarily not ‘true or false’. Words are merely shadows of what was, having some truth as well as some falseness. Consciousness doesn’t need words or to follow someone’s else’s words. There are hundreds of languages on earth. There is no God deciphering one or all of them or inspiring men to claim it as being so.

This doesn’t mean that there is not value in the printed word, particularly from the ‘holy books’. We have entered a time past the 19th and 20th centuries where many forms of communication have now allowed many aware contributors of wisdom apart from words of centuries past to be excellent for helping to examine and inspire positive direction for the individual, and collectively. Millions of ‘leaders of various religions’ have created their positions to be jobs to provide them a living while following and preaching thoughts written centuries ago. There is some value in that, but as people become aware of other positive sources of how to enjoy life, they are becoming less and less needed. Temples, churches, mosques, and the like are more and more attracting less and less of the people who think for themselves in an aware and loving manner.

Each one of you has the spirit of a Christ within you without having to believe in a Jesus, or any other savior or prophet. Be grateful for who came before to offer guidance, but know that you, from your heart, and inner wisdom with awareness are now, and here in the moment. Be open, and on the divine path of godliness. Follow no religion, or its icons if there is a ‘threat’ on your blessed life if you don’t!

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