Brain in a Toilet

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Brain in a Toilet
November 8, 2012
Too much information in the brain, especially erroneous information, may well need to be dumped daily! The one who has a superior memory or total recall often finds it satisfying enough to not have to pay attention to other ignored potential qualities like emotions and the spiritual. On the other hand, many who are ‘wounded’, particularly in childhood, and resort to ‘belief systems’ to pacify them without realizing that as there is value in them, but on the other hand they are filled with largely fantasies. Too much information is likely an emotional-spiritual liability.

Negativity is contagious to itself, and to others who don’t have ‘built in’ positivity to ward off unnecessary mental rubbish. Negativity can become circular thinking within, or have a boomerang effect to reflect the ‘man in the mirror’, or yourself. Escaping from the programmed, bad habits, ‘repeating itself mind’ is often running from a troublesome, unresolved childhood. Unless you examine yourself (meditation helps), let go of what’s negative in the past as irrelevant, it’s a continuing merry-go-round going no where but up and down. Having the biggest liability being ones false self is a lost opportunity of the blessings available.

The mind is your doorway to the world. The mind can be like the clear blue sky, or one that is filled with the clouds of storm, not knowing what mental calamity is coming next. A mind at ease is a mind willing to absorb more nourishment for even greater possibilities. Coming to this moment with a brain filled with the chattering of either excess information, false or negative, is a mind going nowhere. Cluttered mind is a ‘street mind’ with no direction, or any more than mass thinking creating emotional bedlam with little control. Meditating helps clear or flush negative experiences.

A healthy, balanced mind tends to emanate a healthy way of the body, emotions, and spiritual being. Be a rebel by being your own self, always in a space of lovingness. Don’t  cheat you by being programmed with someone else’s words. A mind short on the gentle touch of love is one that needs ‘flushing’ and clearing to see who you really are. Healthy people are vulnerable and consciously insecure with an open heart. Being in the mind whether it’s filled with someone else’s mind assessments, especially if claimed to be god’s, or just living in the mind with it’s frustrations is to miss the realities of life’s wonderments. Avoid being like a machine. People have unconsciously accumulated centuries of programming.  Be in ‘freedom’ – it brings intelligence!

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