The Shining

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The Shining
November 7, 2012
It’s easy to love people who are shallow, and difficult to love real people who know deep love.  They are not focused on fulfilling your expectations. Those with less love to give are more likely to bond with you, but also be less ready to give you what you really need in love. They are a ‘mirror’ for you to see where you are at. Real people will just give you a glimpse, and then move on unless you let your defenses, whatever they may be, down. I call those ‘real love people’, as having the ‘shinning’.

The ‘shinning’ are the light in the world of darkness and shadows. ‘Shadow love’ is love that is afraid of itself, and consequently anyone who gets close. Love that’s real and deep, creates the ‘shinning’. The ‘shinning’ repels those that are not open with their ‘shinning’, not that they don’t con themselves into strutting it in the face of an opportunity. Like ‘fools gold’ that isn’t worth anything but for a fool, fool’s love is not worth the ‘shinning’s’ time on a long term basis (and barely, short term). To the ‘love deficit’, they think love is everywhere in the shadows, or on the other polarity, can’t beg, borrow, or smell it down wind.

Real love transcends all time and space. It is the DNA, or endless fuel of the evolving soul. It is the ‘motherlode’ or the principal vein of endless experiencing of more of itself. It is very  easy to think about love, and even to love the whole world, or someone you are only lightly connected with, even your children or parents or God or Jesus or Muhammad. When you meet yourself in another person that begins romantically, time will ‘iron out’ whether you both love yourselves and therefore can disappear into each others being while still being an individual. That love is equivalent to seeing the eyes of god.

‘Love on the run’ is a crazy thing, even like snowflakes that melt and disappear. Love is not personal if you are in a total ‘let go’ with someone. It is an invisible energy force which enlightens your being that is like more than a shadow within that will not leave wherever, and whatever happens in your life. It’s beyond two people, but is on very rare occasion, open by seeing the godliness in another when a surrender happens. The sky on a clear night away from the city lights is a slight phenomenon of the stars within that a deep, eternal love opens. Be your loving self, and love will overcome you to be the real you.

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