Married to a Dog

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Married to a Dog

photoKroyer, Peder Severin (1851-1909) – 1899 Summer Evening at Skagen Beach. The Artist and his Wife. (Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark)

October 13, 2012
Wonderful, loving dogs can be had from an animal shelter. The innocence in most dogs eyes seem to far outreach that of many humans. Better spending time at a dog shelter than on the streets, bars, and the internet looking for that ideally suited one! A dog is not going to notice your faults, and idiosyncrasies that someone you purport to love as a human companion will ignite. A dog is dependent on you with tail wagging. Let us not forget though, but for  the warmth of a dog, they are still a ‘dog’ and no more evolved than a 2 year old!

More and more people are opting for a dog (or cat) as a substitute for love of a partner. These days of greater freedoms as well as selections of love partners, a significant number of people are finding that both their unresolved issues, and the others are stopping the elevator of love from reaching to the top of possibilities in a mate. The not so ‘merry go round’ goes round and round showing the same scene that is debilitating to the growth of love you deserve. Usually, it’s two people with the same, and different problems that end up finger point while being unable to fix their end of the problem. Welcome to the ‘common dysfunctional’ marriage of all but the rare enlightened couples.

Whether the dog on two legs is a bitch or a stray bastard, it’s love that gets the worst treatment. It’s easy to train a dependent dog, but to train yourself off of bad habits, and fears let alone the other person doing that also, is like teaching a dog to live outside by itself without human contact. Looking for love, but not necessarily from a human coupling any longer, a dog or cat is a wonderful companion.  However never should an emotional connection to a dog take priority over the one you pledged love to.

There is no ‘substitute’ for taking responsibility to give and receive full love to a human partner, and of course absolutely with the warm contribution of the other. Just because maybe you’re charming to others, love animals, or little children, they have little or nothing to do with the ‘real thing’. Want to meet ‘God’ so to speak? God is possibly met at a resonance of another being who can receive and give limitless also. Total acceptance of communication, and the mutual agreement that all empathy and compassion will be used is necessary for love to move to the heights that make it irrevocable and unconditional mutually. Love is giving each other total freedom to enjoy each others journey in life. Love doesn’t need barking like dogs at each other. Love your mate more and deeper!

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