Rolling Stones Museum

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Rolling Stones Museum
September 29, 2012
Museums are for ancient artifacts that are dead and unchanging. Vegetables don’t belong there because they age, and rot unless mummified. Rolling stones gather no moss, and never belong in a museum of the dead. Most people are like stationary stones or aging vegetables – there is little change from year to year except in the aging process. Somehow most of humanity has gotten the notion that they can change the outer material as to suffice for ‘growing and changing’. As the decades pass, people who are stuck in their ‘myopic’, stubborn, backward ways, continue to do so when ‘checked in on’.

These modern human dinosaurs existing in this advancing, fast evolving world live as they saw themselves as children only thinking they are adults. Adults, perhaps, but encasing a never changing, immature persona that at one early time may have been ‘amusing’ or charming. I know a woman since she was a pied piper type, beautiful girl in her 20’s, partying, drinking, and having every man’s eye following her for potential benefits. Smart guys kept the connection ‘remote’ seeing ‘trouble’. She continued being so consumed with entitlement of her natural beauty that she overlooked the ‘inner’ development.

This ‘siren’ kept rolling, but only on the outside while gathering ‘moss’ on the inside. As age continued to knock on the door of her life, the shallow inner kept thinking she was still walking in entitlement, oblivious to the sinking quality of males still finding her interesting. Her ‘outer’ was stunning, but like most less stunning, she put her inner evolvement in a rigid, non changing museum. On occasion, she can be found for many short, lock-up times in a museum with ‘bars’, getting released in days to start the cycle all over again. Hi IQ, ex beauty who could have been a rolling, growing goddess on the inside especially in this world of unparalleled personal evolving opportunities.

As an open, growing, positive being, I’m sure you’re often stunned by how other acquaintances, friends, and relatives have remained hidden in their bad habits, and general demeanor. Strangely, kindness prevents you from being who you have evolved to in interacting with them, but finding the most compassionate way is to tune into where they are. They, unfortunately, are so embedded in their inflexible state that they can not see who you, as well as those others who are continuing to evolve, really are. Always we need to continually go step by step into the higher, conscious self while being in our open heart for those who can at least see someone who is being a positive and conscious inspiration.

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