Who Killed Me?

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Who Killed Me?
photoSeptember 18, 2012
As a small child, I had recurring dreams of bombs dropping on me in what seemed as in Europe. Valid or not, I would never know who it was, nor will he ever know who he killed. Anyway, here I am!

It’s frightening to see or talk to the majority of people who are ‘just nice’, but have no clue who they are under all misinformation about themselves that continues to pile up. That erroneous information suffocates and kills the real person inside who strangely is ‘protecting’ the real beautiful, vulnerable them. I have known many, many who unknowingly have buried themselves in a grave of false perceptions without letting go of who they really are.

It’s far more likely that you can get a dog to talk than getting the truth to another who buries themselves in ‘protections’. I know a religion addict (religion is pure and simple, an addiction if it cannot be dropped) who represents millions and more who cannot accept the logic and uncovered truths of a religion. I know many who’ve not had the amount of love needed during childhood to sustain them for a healthy life, particularly a healthy relationship. Answers to undo the accumulated barriers of the past are reasonably easy to drop or let go of, but rare is a person who does the first step or two necessary to do that. Again, ‘protection friend’, who’s really the enemy ‘gatekeeper of evolving’ beyond the harmful ‘stuck’ status quo, creates all kinds of mostly verbal barriers to keep out information to release for healthy internal living and loving.

You have to wake up! Flirtations with waking up doesn’t work. The real you is not a puppet as you allow yourself to be. Who cares that you are the way you are which doesn’t work as best as it can when you are alone or in love with another. You are ‘everyone’, even the most conscious person who has existed. Why grovel in a perception that limits the best experiences which are yours for the taking. Getting through another to have them see what will work better for them is usually like digging for gold in a rock quarry – near impossible.

First thing to do is to see that you are not working for you in the way you would like. It’s not them! It’s YOU! Once ‘you’ is ‘near perfect’, only then could it be ‘them’. However, the key to unlocking the door to make you a ‘divine sponge’ for harmony is to accept  yourself being willing, then seek someone who has the ‘key’, and wants ‘nothing’ from you. Relax, let go, and see you are natures prodigal being! Kill the disease that is not really you! Let go, and let love in!

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