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September 8, 2012
I have experienced love relationships to be quite wonderful, smooth, and an open door to see, and experience the world in a more beautiful, enlightening way. I have experienced them also to be challenging, when with a partner who is challenging to themselves. My passion is to dialog on ‘relationships as a spiritual path’. The path of love is a road to what some call ‘enlightenment’, or a lightness of being. The ‘roadblocks’ to a loving relationship have been infinite, but with nearly all, ones that can be overcome. Roadblocks overcome, only convert weaknesses into a growing strength. Love conquers all but love itself. The need is not there!

Love isn’t a game to enter, and live happily ever after. It’s a game when two enter a ‘battlefield’ of unresolved issues as ‘blocks of fear’ to let go of, and instead of enjoying the ride! Love is in one’s very nature, it’s just that other things get in the way often … and, as they should! It’s not really fair that any old childhood environment results in the ability to experience unimpeded love. What then would be the point of paying attention to love with a child?

A garden with too little or too much light, or in a poorly selected environment will produce less results than one in tune with nature’s best outcome. To try and convince yourself otherwise, and think a magic fairy will cast a love spell over you and a partner, is only for ‘romance novels’ that enchant only the lonely and fearful. Always be aware of who you think you are, and the potential to see who you really are as a being filled with love. Turn the inner lights on, and clear what is littering you from seeing that all the time.

Excuses for your love relationship not being easy is really saying that it’s you who is making it difficult. Love is ALWAYS easy – even if it isn’t so for your partner, if you’re in a ‘let go’, love is easy for you. If both are open to communication to commit to opening their hearts and letting go of past obstacles, the road to full love, and an easy relationship is inevitable. Seek from your heart, and the road will clear.

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