Romney for President?

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Romney for President?
August 16, 2012
Two white boys, Romeny and Ryan, are a better bet than having a black or a woman to get us out of the current economic mess that the previous President put us in. The Republicans, apparently are smart enough to see that! Seems the Republicans are stronger Christian too, and I’m sure Jesus and God are more on their side. A vote for the Democrats is a vote against family values, and for spending like a black man who scored big on a drug sale. Atheists, and liberal Christians don’t seem to care about anything that make sense.

The rich are there because they deserve it, and if it were not for them, even more would be unemployed! We need to end this ‘food stamp’ mania that the D’s have made themselves into a Santa Claus with. We stand for the rights of a human at conception over a woman’s right to choose what’s good for her. Killing a baby at conception is ‘murder’! Maybe a lot of women need to go to court, and answer for the ungodly choice to have an abortion.

This ‘gay marriage’ thing promoted by the liberals just goes against the bible. We need families – keeps the people busy and dumbed down supporting ‘politics’ and religion.

Accusing the R’s of catering to the Christians, particularly the more ‘right wing’ ones, for votes is just jealousy, or down right blasphemy! Christians happen to be smart enough to believe in the Lord. The R’s serve the Lord.

This business about Romney being one of the leaders of a Cult is to talk satanic! Mormons no longer officially recognize what their founders did in having multiple wives, and certainly not claiming another man’s wife as its founder Joe Smith did. No wonder he was shot by a mob of angry men and husbands! Mormon’s are good with money, you can trust them even if you are not a Mormon. Blacks were called ‘Lucifer’s children’ in the Mormon church, but that’s been a bit altered. Enough on the beauty of Mormonism – google it to learn the basic facts. Freedom of religion is great no matter what their beliefs are – even Islam!

If you don’t vote Republican, vote 3rd party, and that will really help the R’s anyway.
Not to worry, if people stay too busy to think, R’s are the best choice.

Worse case, people will be so very disenchanted with Romney winning that maybe the next time, 3rd parties will be stronger, and even force those two Good Ole-boy Parties to come into the 21st century, and make thinks better for the 99% while the 1% suffers a bit. Republican’s don’t think that women are qualified yet to be president, and certainly not a black.

Look at 3rd parties, and vote that way. Nothing is going to change unless you do, and the collective do. Let’s have a revolution of the heart and female power! YOU CAN make a difference BIG TIME!

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