MONEY is Intoxicating

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Money is Intoxicating

photoAugust 15. 2012
Drunk on money is akin to being drunk on whiskey. The veil of money is not easy to see through. Sleeping with money instead of love is a good reason to check into a ‘Money Anonymous’ group like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Money, and the obsessing over it, rich or poor, is like any drug – you can’t lead a meditative life with more than a thin coat of love. Money can become a block to all spiritual sensitivities. Money certainly can become a priority, closing out what money cannot buy – the many nuances and natural blessings of a healthy life.

A few years ago, I lived high up in a 52 story NYC apartment building while working on Wall St. Money was beginning to find it’s way into my pocket, and with the many treats it could buy, I could see the coming addiction. My spiritual sensitivities began to fade into the background. Money is like ‘sex’, there is always a momentary joy, but never with satisfaction that there was enough. The pursuit of that ‘gap’ takes focus, energy, and time away from the natural things in life. An arrogance seeps in unbeknown to the growing greed. The greed obscures that which doesn’t bring more and more $. For those with unresolved issues, it buries them like drugs do.

A ‘cover up’ of anything takes what amounts to unhealthy ways to not deal with past issues as well as more that go along with the ‘cover up’. The obsession is even, at its worst, a greed to steel from a rainbow. The question everyone needs to ask themselves for greater truth is, ‘am I addicted or obsessed with any habit which keeps me from knowing who I really am, as well as being open to allowing all others to see who I am’? Are you a prisoner of any habit which involves any of the sins of humans as greed, lust, sloth, entitlement, insensitivity, on and on, but basically serving the self with little regard for others.

Take away most of a persons money, and then what and who are they? This is a time where there seems to be a pill for everything to enable one to better deal with the moment. Take away a religion, material success, youth, achievements, entitlements in general and what is left is where you are really at. That place may have been avoided for fear, and the perception of a lack of self worth to meet, and let go of those barriers to unveil who you really are. Underneath whatever intoxicants we have piled on as a coverup, is a very beautiful ‘being’ capable of infinite love and compassion.  What you think you need is likely an illusion to hide from yourself and the world.

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