Women Must Submit

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Women Must Submit!

August 13, 2012
Without ‘mutual submission’ from both parties to a union or marriage, chaos will grow, and no one will know what’s happened. One submitting, and the other not is unlikely to produce a ‘soul mate’ happening of any value but a common run-of-the-mill coupling. Abuse of the ‘one’ who is the submitter is par for the course!  It won’t take long for both to be disgruntled, but often ‘sticking it out’, with no solution for improving, is likely because some long dead ‘holy man’ said to. Once that may have been somewhat good advise, but no longer in a freer world where conscious mutual loving is much more available.

Releasing all barriers for the pleasure of the other who does so also, is the only real coupling of love – all else is an exercise in ‘pretend love with brief moments of feelings of love’. All attachments must be willingly shared as ‘one’, and not this is mine and that is yours. Each individual must be willing to let go of all bad or odd habits, and maintain that stance for the healthy duration of the coupling. In ‘perfect’ harmony the realization of godliness is inevitable and the gift never ceases even if the journey continues without the physical presence of the other.

Several years ago while doing my ‘free speech display’ on the Venice Beach boardwalk, I was approached with heartfelt compliments from an unusual viewer of my writing on ‘Soul Mates’. Dave was a 28 year old good looking guy standing a lumbering 6’ 8’’ and 300 pounds! He said he was a tackle for the San Francisco Giants NFL football team and was a millionaire! However, he was just released after several weeks from the mental ward of a hospital. He explained, what I could see, that he had everything in the world going for him, but as he related, it took a beautiful 5’2’’ girl he loved to crush his heart. He claimed that she left him with little compassion. It seemed from the conversation that both had blocks to submitting all the way as soul mates.

No one is too big, beautiful, successful, damaged, or whatever to not stop, and let love overcome them, hopefully to a mutual submission. In that ‘divine’ space, the mysterious presence of a celestial magic-like surrender into a conscious love envelopes each separately and together, seeming to have always been, and with no ending. It’s rare still, that the real ‘soul mating’ experience is completed. It’s a waking up to what even the imagination cannot conceive. Only the experience can be really known flowing in like a gentle breeze, into and becoming a new consciousness. We are spiritual beings looking for a way to rise up to the illimitable heights of love’s gifts. Those submitting as one will be sought out by life’s gift of ‘surrender’.


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