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Be A Crackpot!
August 11, 2012
Claim to be less than you are to ward off criticism. Being the ‘best’ and announcing it, is to ask to be a ‘cracked pot’, as many will expend energy to put cracks in your assertions. Lots of uncomfortable time will be spent defending the inflated ego. All people are at their worst imbeciles, idiots, crackpots, and any description possible. There are no exceptions! Stick an enlightened man in a prison cell with four idiots, and he becomes the fifth. The difference being, he’s a temporary idiot. More evolved beings know that they possess all possible characteristics while those less evolved are defensive, and in denial of that reality.

Real humbleness comes from seeing that you are no more or less than others. That ‘humbleness’ comes as a product of open minded experience, and from the heart with common sense. Until then, it’s just a concept that one cannot relate to in ‘real time’. Everyone is lesser, and at the same time, better than others in infinite ways. The ‘gift’ to humans is the ability to discern, and grow in wisdom by making choices in the better direction.

Words that others use to characterize you, good or bad, are just perceptions based somewhat on a reflection of the ‘giver’ of themselves. Few words of praise or ‘discredit given’ are more than passing shallow thoughts. You are not others perceptions unless possibly it meets with your own somewhat objective perception. Seek what the more positive people have to say, and throw away the negative from those who don’t know you. Don’t be controlled by negative ‘word’ perceptions of those who have nothing to lose but being asleep, and not using their intelligence and compassion in assertions and categorizations. Each of us carries the characteristics of everyone else, it’s just a question of where we are on the ladder of evolution of positive qualities.

An ability to laugh is a great antidote to some of the challenges of life. Taking oneself, and input from others, too seriously is a reason to lighten up, and enjoy laughter with the many blessings that are here but for our perception. Words as names are what you choose to see into them. A ‘crackpot’ can be seen as an insult, or on the other polarity, a very funny person! Find comfort in being a ‘crackpot’ from a higher point of view! Laugh at, and to yourself. Ever seen a new born smile? Take a cue from the wisdom of mother nature! Don’t like a name you’re called? Say ‘thank you’ and smile!

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