Vote Green Party?

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Vote Green Party?

photoAugust 9, 2012
Not Red, White, & Blue!
American needs positive change – it’s time to go Green! Equally important to human inner consciousness growth is paying attention to what’s going on in the world, and how you can make a difference in both. ‘Green’ is synonymous with conscious and environmentally friendly ‘organic’ choices. We in America are faced with runaway  environmental, food (ie.,genetically modified), money, and political problems that are not going to get better unless ‘we the people’ pay attention, and use discernment in our choices for everything. Sleep is for bedtime, the rest is waking up, and making a difference in whatever we do – NOW!

ANOTHER important factor in the growth of consciousness in the world that has been dominated by male energy, is to focus on a more female friendly planet. When I began working in Corporate Sales in the 1970’s in New York, females were just becoming more than a figment of the imagination in the higher paying jobs. By the time I left by the ’90’s females were equivalent to male numbers in major law firms, but however still not generally ‘rainmakers’, or those who brought the business in.

Still in the 2nd decade of the 2,000’s, females are very much in the minority in the upper echelon’s of the corporate world. The world still is extremely run by male energy. It’s imperative to have all ‘controlling situations’, including politics, with a more compassionate, sensitive female energy. Male energy works, but destroys at the same time. We are at the precipice of our own annihilation, or rise to a superconscious planet that values all life as godly. Males with their politics and religions have failed.

We are the ‘Saviors’ that the planet needs to rise out of the ashes. No man by what ever name has saved anything but his greed for more, more, and ignorance. Listening to the ‘mother’ that most of us revered, and who brought us to life, is the way of the day. The heart is female, the mind is male. Both need to be in balanced harmony.

The current structure of our government and politics is deeply embedded in serving the few with little regard for the majority. Change likely will not be easy. Voting for either the Democrats of Republicans serves the same ‘invisible master’. Voting for a 3rd party will require the foresight to see that near term, nothing visible will happen, but for either major party candidate to continue driving the land of freedom and opportunity into a sense of sheeple slavery. To change direction will require persistent action and patience for the evolvment of a new type leadership. Female energy must overcome the testosterone energy of the past and moment. We have nothing to lose since that appears to be the path at the moment. Time for shock awareness and action! Time to ‘reboot’!

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