I Am Jesus (2 of ?)

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I Am Jesus (2 of ?)
August 4, 2012
There is no room at the Inn for this 4’ 9” ancient legend and his donkey, or for that matter in any Christian church in the world. Just what is the deal? He said he was coming a second time quite clearly – or so it was ‘documented’! Documented? By whom who was there? There were no newspapers! Could a man showing up as Jesus at any church, but over 6’, much older, with no beard be regarded as anything but a kook? Is the ‘biblical version of Jesus just a story by male scribes? Is there any openness today for a second entry in this crazed world?

Christians today mention a ‘scholar’ by the name of Josephus who claimed to know what Jesus said. That appears to be good enough for most. Personally, I rarely remember what anyone has said, hours later! Did this Josephus have what’s called an ‘eidetic memory’? And, he came decades later! Wasn’t even born at the time of Jesus!
That is a puzzle!!?

Jesus broke bread and gave it to everyone. Does that really mean that Jesus was to divide himself into others making them a Jesus? Is that the ‘acclaimed’ second coming!?

Is it Christian to fight wars killing millions with our weapons of mass destruction in the name of Jesus, and yet deny his being any part of it? Are we a land of diseased sheeple marching onward into a hell? ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’, and not Onward Jewish Soldiers? Are we the soldiers for Jews?

Why was Jesus like the other ‘holy men’ in not having females in his inner circle? That situation has continued in all ‘faiths’ today. Does this world filled with violence, greed, and more than the so called ‘7 deadly sins’ have anything to do with male testosterone, ignorance, and the violence that follows? Seems it’s time for a new Jesus, of course with a different name, to update over 2,000 years of scripture.

We no longer need ‘males’ to rule the so called spiritual and physical world. It’s time to let females ‘mother’ life back to a harmony on earth. Sadly, most females have been downgraded into pawns of male control, and even denying it. They have become part of the world problem even if be it in a more indirect and minor way. Now, as a renewed Jesus would agree, it time for the female world to resurrect itself and arise from the ashes into an active consciousness that cancels what males couldn’t do – bringing peace to the world and an inner peace through love in all.

I am not Jesus, but a new, divine spirit dedicated to uplifting my own consciousness, and being a light unto others to become lights in the world. It will be the ‘transmission of the new seed of godliness’. You are that ‘seed’ of hope! Just deal with it, and be it! Life need to be filled with joy!

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