I Am Jesus (1 of ?)

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I Am Jesus  ( 1 of ?)
August 3, 2012
Deal with it. I’ve got another name, look, background, outlook, education, and lots more. I use cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes, bicycles, and I walk a lot. Sorry, no donkey – like moving with the times.

I have new, and updated information that will set things straight. First, it was the ‘Sun’ of God that brings light upon creation, however due to the misinterpretation, it’s being changed. Son of God, God the Father, and the male holy ghost have contributed to giving billions of men the erroneous perception that the ‘male’ dominates everything in life. False.

It’s now time for making the earth a more sensitive, compassionate garden of conscious caretakers. So, a ‘Daughter of God’ at this point is appropriate to balance things out. For a while females may over due things to counter millenniums of male abuse. Males should follow their guidance to create a healthy balance.

Oh, and the God thing? Most everyone has it all wrong, and have made the word into an idol to worship as they have all the characters in the ‘Holy Story’. God was meant to be a word to simplify things for the masses. There is no definition, but it’s everything, as well as ‘nothing’. And, there is no such thing as nothing for always there is ‘something’.

Hope you’re dealing with this so far, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg! Oh, we didn’t know about ‘icebergs’ in the desert, in fact we didn’t know about a lot of things like you think we did. It’s time to move away from what we knew, and what ‘you’ personally can do to uplift your consciousness, and give back to the planet that gave you life. So begin wiping the ‘slate’ clean.

In the likelihood you haven’t ‘let go’ of holy book stories, but are open (that’s a prime requisite for uplifting the consciousness), there are the ‘best sources’ to assist you in words to follow here. If you insist on thinking this is the ‘devil’ here, just deal with it, and keep an open mind and heart for Christ’s sake!

If need be at this point, seek out an evangelical church, at a service, break out with a little loud glossolalia, latihan of the tongue, or other wise known as ‘talking in tongues. If you’re ready for meditation, try that. Everything is a story, or opportunity to awaken you out of complacent sleep. There is no tomorrow or yesterday, it’s all now, today! Just deal with it!


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