Stop Labeling

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Stop Labeling
August 6, 2012
I am a … she is a … they are a … why not walk away without a label to defend, or attached to something or ones? It’s called ‘pigeonholing’. To call yourself ‘great’ is to imply that the majority of people are lesser. Otherwise, how can you be great unless others are not? Ego and arrogance can be a ‘put down’ of others who are fine as they are, even though… Humanity seems to need labels to belong to something, or condemn something else. It’s all relative, and appropriate or not to the circumstances, but discernment needs to be used in applying labels as well as potential consequences.

Labels can be dangerous particularly when they are received from many eyes of perception including the giver and receiver. It’s best not to become stuck or make others stuck either in your or their mind with labels that especially, good or bad, are not more than or not applicable. Even positive ones like referring to your child as beautiful or handsome relentlessly can have adverse effects later when no one refers to them that way. They may have become ‘entitled’ dependents on the previous, persistent adornment.

Labeling others can be a reflection of your own ignorance, prejudices, or even general lack of personal self love. The labeling by anyone of religion that they have found the way through Jesus, Muhammad, or whom ever is to suggest others are wrong and going to hell. Entitlement by choice of any doctrine is purely false, disingenuous, and possibly hateful.

Everyone is perfect or holy deep within, most just have not reached deep enough. The division between someone more conscious, and those less so is a fine line except for self labeling due to perception of others and themselves. No one is ‘the chosen one’ with a ticket to some heaven. Putting the ‘load’ of your entitlement on being this special label or that one is pure nonsense.

To be a ‘saint’ to one person or country, and a ‘devil’ to another is arbitrary fiction. Would Buddha or Jesus think Muhammad with a sword in one hand could be a divine person. Or could Muhammad seeing Buddha sitting under a bodhi tree meditating while others are suffering from starvation, be a divine being? Should anyone be defined by anyone else? See what they can not see about themselves from the state of highest consciousness.

People who are not aware think of things in terms of good and bad. In high consciousness, just be a witness and an indefinable person. Pigeonholes are for pigeons, not awake beings!

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