Pulling Love’s Plug

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Pulling Love’s Plug
August 8, 2012
Uncontrollable love has it’s downside if no one is there to receive it ‘uncontrollably’. Unconditional love is uncontrollable, and has no barriers of self serving wants. Billions of souls live in environments or social systems, especially in the past, that are all but closed for love connections involving partnering without huge impediments or strings attached that become ‘chains of entrapment’.

One of the shocks in life is to find that the other in love with, has either ‘pulled the plug’ on love, or stopped it at some fear level, and you find yourself in a leaking boat wondering what has happened with someone who doesn’t pull their oar as you do. That’s called going no where but in whirl pool circles, and down! Stay in the compassionate heart, and know that this is the time, if needed, to have many lives like a cat with nine lives.

Love doesn’t have barriers to free flowing communication. Fear of love’s closeness is always conditional, dominating an otherwise potential harmonious bonding. ‘Walling’ love out is a false protection that deteriorates any real meaningful love. Weak love can be stubborn resulting in protecting one’s insecurity and fears. To close access to life’s greatest gift is stupid and certainly a suicide to love of you AND the other. Stupidity is stubborn. The more closed people are, the more stubborn. Love needs common sense to see when a square peg won’t fit into a circle. There are many ways to leave where love doesn’t work, but should always be guided with awareness and compassion for the other.

The heart should always be available, and not walled in by invisible bricks created by the mind. Innocence is the doorway to the heart, and not the mind with it’s infinite excuses and denials. One is either pregnant or not. Love is a pregnant condition that always is filled with growth that automatically replenishes itself with ‘love energy’.  Unconditional love never disappears down the drain of memory whatever transpires in its connections. Make the agreement with yourself to have an open heart, and make room for the other to move beyond all fears and trepidation’s to do likewise.

‘Pulling the plug on love’ before it’s has really begun is to be ‘love’s coward’ Thinking you know all the aspects of love from knowledge of book reading on the subject, or prior failures in love has little to do with the real, everlasting experience. All knowledge is borrowed, and experiences short of ‘what could have been’ don’t translate into a leap into an explosion of love that changes your very nature forever. It’s time to dump the garbage of the past, and walk naked into the light of love.

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