Erectile Luv

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Erectile Luv
August 2, 2012
Deep love has NOTHING to do with men’s erections as it does with Pharmaceutical companies making billions on the insinuation that it does. Jesus was able to love deeply without any erections of the penis, or so the bible would have you believe by divine implication. What Christian religion salesman would say at the pulpit that Jesus even masturbated? Back on topic, the American, public who watches TV, is forced to hear about men’s erections ‘kept up’ by using Viagra or Cialis, and only under doctor’s care. Heaven forbid an erection lasts more that four hours. Imagine a Priest who couldn’t get it down before a sermon? Then again, what’s a Priest doing with an erection?

Never is it discussed that maybe there are other ‘more naturally fixable methods’ for the problems than ignoring them, and fattening Big Pharma’s income. Why the concern with ‘men being ready’ when rapes, and most abuse of women are by men? Men need to learn the natural art of love without their penis, fake love, wallet, etc. I often imagine most women’s silent adverse reaction to constantly seeing ads for men’s pumping up their testosterone. Are not there enough male testosterone problems in the world with all the violence and war? What do parents tell their young kids watching TV what this thing called ‘erection’ is all about?

‘Sensitivity’ is a 24 hour a day continuous natural response of giving and receiving for living life, and the expression of love. Of course, with the inner quality of many women, there is another dilemma. Many females need to be more in their power of spiritual consciousness too.

‘Erectile luv’ disappears in time into hardly a memory unlike love of the open heart which has little or nothing to do with erections, orgasms, or physical bonding. Healthy humans keep the memories of love in their hearts, and express them for every moment into the unknown future apart from concern over their lower organ.

Notice that there is nothing advertised for women to make their life more pleasurable ‘when the moment is right’ like ‘vaginal wetness’. We would, as a society, be much better served advertising ways and means to correct life’s other many dysfunctions. Over 80% of guns are possessed by men, and with their insecure reasons why in most cases. Same obsession with the promotion of ‘erectile aids’.

At this time before US elections for President, the dominant thing on TV is Election – erection – election – erection – – – either way we’re going to get screwed!’ Love doesn’t need advertising, and everyone has a reservoir with more of it!

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