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Personality Love
July 20, 2012
Like the unpredictable, moody weather – catch it at the right time, and it’s wonderful! But, ‘changing weather’ means to be prepared for anything including thunder and lightening. Most humanoids live in the fake reality of their personality, or lack thereof, 95%+ of the time. Mostly they don’t know any better, and slowly cling to the illusion that ‘it’s all they are’. Only in more intimate connections does the personality show that it has serious holes in it that create discomfort in one closely connected. Since the late 20th century, all kinds of ‘self fix-it kits’ have been readily available, but the masses ignore them, or it’s one ear and out the other!

Met a 20 year old, 6’ beautiful, blond girl in Dallas, Texas a few years ago who had the best, most charming personality I had ever, or since met. Jena moved in with a best friend of mine a year later for 7 or 8 years. After their separation, I asked my friend what she was like to live with? Was she still Ms. Personality and the charmer? He said yes, but as a live-in girl friend she only slept, watched TV, phone talked, ate sweets, and had occasional sex, but never did anything in regards to cleaning or cooking which he always did. Today she is 45 and lives in a messy NYC walkup studio with two dogs, and a ‘dishwasher’ boyfriend who apparently is too insecure to set out on his own. Talked with her a year ago, and Jena is as charming as ever, but usually penniless, and wanting to get married to someone other than her boyfriend, and to have children at 45!

Jena’s case is one of clinging to ‘entitlement’, in her case – of beauty and charm while feeling that there was nothing else needed. Most people hide behind unresolved issues that they compensate for in their personality or outward persona. In matters of love, this ‘personality love’ type rarely relates but on the surface who they believe themselves to be. Being Mr. or Ms. Wonderful to fleeting friends and strangers is a path of ‘running on empty’ or on the superficial. Living in a ‘bubble’ of illusion eventually ‘pops’ as time travels on.

When more than ‘surface self’, with it’s changing moods, is used instead of the beauty of the real heart felt inner self, trouble ensnares the day and life. There is no you on the surface which can know the depths of love and truth. You must reach inside with awareness as love heals the wounds of the past, and clears the way for the spiritual inner truths and bottomless love.

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