Rock & Roll Alignment

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Rock & Roll Alignment
July 17, 2012
For anything to grow there has to be a harmony of communication and sensitivity to the needs required. A seed planted in an unreceptive ground will not grow to its potential. A professional sports team wins best when there is alignment among team mates to act as a harmonious unit with the best performances in conjunction, to both perform and grow with consistency. Likewise whether in business or a life in partnership as a marriage, always effort when needed needs to be active for close alignment of thought, feelings, and outcome. Disharmony is a situation to experience that ‘seeing eye to eye is needed’.

Even a ‘rock and roll’ band needs harmony to make appreciative music. Playing individually with little concern for the melody certainly creates disinterest fast. Couples as a general rule, lose their ‘track of compatibility’ without agreements and communication to grow in sensitivity to each other, and yet giving the other freedom to be their best self. Marriage ‘off track’ is certain to be a bumpy ‘rock and roll’ journey that loses the ‘touch’ to correct the ‘oneness’ with respect for each individual freedom.

There is a ‘oneness’ vibration for couples to be of one mind, and spirit endlessly for a loving synchronicity. This ‘divine connection’ is not possible if one or both participants is not ready to be at their peak love and compassion. Self alignment is either imperative for a model relationship, or a sincere agreement, to have an open communication with both in their hearts. Coming together in the throes of love, then settling into something quite different while expecting the same results is a suicide of the relationship. ‘Making do’ with being ‘off track’ is to never recover that special magic that rare couples manage to continue. Love needs the sunlight of awareness lifting each other up to the zone of oneness.

A relationship can grow to an ultimate fruition of being centered, and on the track of oneness. No matter where the connection goes, ‘til death so you part’, or to a different connection, always a total, and unconditional love will be like a safety net of consistent completion. Love always and forever stays open and sensitive to the needs of the other together or not. One is in perfect alignment with the other as well as with themselves. Deep love is permanent and moves with you alone.  Never does one lose in love.

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