Socks, Bucks, Bigger, Kunts

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Socks, Bucks, Bigger, Kunts
July 13, 2012
Humans are controlled by their language, and individual letters regardless of intent. I’ve said for years, since starting my ‘world’s largest free speech display’ in Venice, that I (or anyone) can control at least 90% of the populace with three words or less! Now I am revising that to three letters or less. In the title are three beginning letters that if I substitute the right letter with no allegiance, or emotion to the meaning but just to prove my point, English speaking people will generally make judgments and/or lose control of their emotions to act like a parent scolding a little child. It is ‘non evolved’ to choose to perceive words as ‘inflammatory’ to oneself, and then go into judgment mode.

By the way, the letters to be substituted are ‘c-f-n’. Part of maturing is to not be attached, especially with emotion, to perceived negative words which have no meaning to billions of others who speak another language, or just because of your ‘programmed’ perception. Words that are ‘controversial’ to the ‘ear’, have nothing to do with religions, or whether you will go to heaven, or hell if you use them!

Certain words (positive or negative) can be used as means to control the mental and emotional aspects of you. Whether the word is meant to be loving or disgusting, it can have a powerful effect on you to receive or give out. Gestures from a smile to a frown to various hand movements, etc., can have the same, and more effect than words. Coming from an educated, balanced awareness allows you to be in control of outward language from another, if you choose. Being a prisoner of over reactions is to be a controlled being who is out of control with themselves. Words and gestures rely on you making an art of them to convey positive meanings. There is no good purpose in reading into language that offends you, and may well be misinterpreted by you, or quickly reconsidered by the ‘perpetrator’ of your perceptions.

MInds are programmed to respond or react to words and gestures depending on the culture one has come from, but you have ‘choice’ to steer your mind, and being in whatever direction you want. If left with no directional devise, you may be at the whim of gestures of perceived negativity to the point of having no control as you self inflict word wounds. Humans at this point are really very underdeveloped mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s up to each one to grasp the opportunities to be as much in control of destiny as possible. The human condition rises as you rise in consciousness to take the ‘high road’ in all matters of life. Why let any form of language put you in a negative prison? Life is to learn and enjoy!


  1. I read years ago, that man invented language in order to better deceive. Also read, that touch is the sincerest form of communication. What I’d love to find is a woman who can communicate via the five senses!

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