Bridge to Nirvana

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Bridge to Nirvana
photoJuly 3, 2012
The path from animal to godliness is a bridge over troubled waters. The walk from unconsciousness to consciousness is to make the decision to cross the bridge of awareness into the light of the new conscious man and woman of godliness. From lethargy and hopelessness to faith and belief to the other side of the bridge of joy and consciousness. The bridge is long, and arduous by your choice, but time is short. Rich or poor, the only ‘toll’ for crossing the bridge is you lingering endlessly to fulfill unneeded desires. Always be in motion toward the inner while seeing the outer as fleeting.

Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had. Rushing in the direction of desire after desire without seeing that you are being like a kid in a candy shop is to eventually see that you’ve missed ‘you’. It’s always time to believe in miracles, for you are one. Wakeup every morning, and know that you, and life are a miracle that took more time than can be imagined for you to be here. Everything is going the way it should be, but make that ‘should be’ into the positive and out of all limitations to that.

When humans are free, freedom is misused mostly, like giving money to most kids with no controls. Slavery or imprisonment has no freedom, but building the bridge of self love inside yourself through meditation. Very little chance of misusing freedom in the outworld. New freedom with little control creates chaos, and chaos is not bad if you are paying attention in awareness. All great things come out of some type of chaos. I teach a meditation created in India by a dear friend called ‘Chaotic Meditation’ that acts much like a farmer plowing new ground. At first, it just turns the soil too rough to plant in. With persistence, and the right methods, the soil is made into a ‘fine recipient’ for seeds to grow. ‘Chaotic meditation’ does the same thing by letting go of inner issues that block the seeds of inner evolvement.

You are your past until the past is cleared, and redefined for the growth of consciousness to happen. The ‘blocks’ must be unloaded first. The bridge to a more blissful life needs lightness, some of the ‘baggage’ which can be ‘let go’ of into the water of meaninglessness as you transcend into higher states. You are perfect, and so is everyone else except they are attached to unloading their unresolved past. It’s time to get ready to fly to you inner perfection and freedom.

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