Faith & Merry-Go-Round

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Faith & Merry-Go-Round

July 2, 2012
‘Faith’ is a wonderful human quality! Seems though it’s been politicized as well as made into a ‘religion requirement’. Religion does clearly require faith! When you don’t know, ‘faith’ is a backup, followed by belief as a backup for faith, and then hope, and then a ‘hail Mary’, and then there is the lottery. When one is lost in a dark forest, faith in your faith and/or faith in yourself, and the universe is necessary along with positive thinking, and maybe some common sense. Faith, hope, and charity is a popular phrase from the Christian martyred saints, Faith, Hope, and Charity. Faith, hope, and common sense is needed for those lost in the dark forest, and throw in a little luck and ‘awareness’.

Becoming attached to the ‘merry-go-round’ with out ever giving the other rides, and pleasures a try is a form of ‘looping’ like sheeple who don’t look beyond what they cling to. There is a wonderful innocence in those that have faith in their religion and God. ‘Looping’ in faith and belief without ‘critical thinking’, or common sense in
openness for outside evidence, or the missing thereof in this time of ‘archaeological’ searches for facts, and corroboration of things we assume to be correct, needs attention.

The ‘top of the line’ authentic, non biased researchers for credible information on anything in question, be it taken in faith, need to be sought out, and ‘findings’ paid attention to. Credible ‘researchers’ don’t have ‘an agenda’ to support any faith but to expose what they have found to be the best evidence, or none. Religions are particularly tricky as those who have faith and belief don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ of what they have deeply come to accept as truth with out openness to questioning.

A Jesus does not accept that the moon is round, and flat while changing shape during the month if he has common sense validation from wise men of his time that it’s really a round like ball, etc. A Jesus wants everyone to know the truth if it’s available, realizing that people who really didn’t know what he said, to have faith that scribes quoted him properly, even if he didn’t edit and corroborate that he was quoted properly. Then again, no where does it say that Jesus could even read. His followers today for the most part, are very literate. He would not expect them to trust 2,000 year old words to stand the test of time as having the exact meaning they did then.

Real faith always is accompanied by awareness, and watchfulness for changes in anything especially if new findings negate or change what was written, The only ‘permanent’ in life is change! Check out of the merry-go-round loopings of anything in your life for spiritual growth.

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