Christianity is Witchcraft?

Christianity is Witchcraft?

June 2, 2012
Saying a prayer often is no more than casting a spell! Christians and Muslims have ‘outsourced’ many of their hopes to an outside source, God or Allah, who both define differently, and yet there is no consensual agreement as to their definitions. Religion is another form of cloaked witchcraft. What you obsessively fear might just be what you are. ‘Stir and spin’ are the crafts of the witches as well as is the alleged temples of god where the lower or fearful minds assemble enabling the trained proselytizer with the ‘word spell magnate’ to pay for the his livelihood.

Over the years man has stirred ‘misogyny’ with names that evoke the illusion of worshipping the devil (ie., witch) when he is nothing but the devil. It has been ‘man’ who has castigated women for rebelling against the church to bond together to share their unique, and seeming esoteric or psychic abilities that have been spurned by ‘man’s control over the church, and it’s words of sweetness, yet ‘stealth’ control and manipulation. Men fear the more independent and intelligent woman finding her own path that is closed to men.

While living in Los Angeles, I was privy to hear about a ‘witches’ gathering that occurred once a month in a bohemian forested area out side of LA called Topanga Canyon. The popular singer, Sheryl Crow was part of the group that really was about empowering women to feel free from the repressions of male energy from time immemorial. Females, generally having a ‘softer energy’, are able to develop powers of the psychic, mediumship, channeling, intuition, etc., more likely than most males.

Christian prayer is ‘voodoo’. Jesus rising from the dead is ‘transfiguration’. Superstition is rampant in Christianity, like the number 666 as the mark of the devil or beast. 888 is another so called mystical one prompting this quote:

The second century philosopher Celsus wrote this observation about the early Christians … ‘’I have seen a Christian drawing in which there were ten circles … separated from one another and held together by a single circle … And so we hear of circles on top of circles and emanations flowing out of emanations … but that is not the most remarkable thing about these Christians … they interpret certain words that appear inscribed between the upper circles … a larger and a smaller in particular … and they teach their converts to read the Signs and learn the interpretation of the Diagrams, promising that in so doing they will become proficient in sorcery.’’ Celsus, The True Doctrine, 150-170 AD
Suffice it is to say, any religion that depends on the alleged ‘DEVIL’ to maintain it’s existence is believing in the Devil as existing. The only devil is ignorance. Time to rise above the swamp of voodoo religion into the Heavens of the positive, sacred heart. Take the road of awareness, love, compassion, and discernment in all matters and it will be a ‘Sorcery of the Divine’.


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