Death of Bibles

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Death of Bibles

May 17, 2012
Most of us remember the door to door selling of encyclopedias, as well as the small bookcase to hold them. Encyclopedia companies are dead – out of business. Dictionaries? We have a book store in town that puts out a box or so filled with free books, most donated by community people. Lots of dictionaries, but few takers of these free dinosaurs. One can spell a word wrong when looking it up, and ‘google’ on the computer will spell it correctly, and provide much more information about the word. Times are changing. Back during the advent of the car and toilet paper last century, their were few bibles.

Did people have encyclopedias and dictionaries then? Very few did! The printing press (I sold them out of college) and the industrial revolution changed the ability to communicate. Communication by papers and books became popular, then in the late 1920’s, the radio, followed over a dozen years later by the first black and white TV’s. Religion materials and information spread like wild fire, mainly in my view, for more than hundreds of thousands to make a living, not to mention the millions who went to churches to ‘network’ for business.

All religion spokesmen are full of their imaginations and scriptures anyway. Have you ever seen any smoke a little marijuana? A little usage opens one up to relax, be creative of the mind, and see certain truths. Ever wonder what the experience is reading the bible or Quran while ‘smoking pot’? You can imagine why ‘religion salesmen’ don’t do it, or certainly don’t want their ‘flock’ to do it, or even to meditate! Some Christian churches are allowing meditation, but likely the leader doesn’t realize that it open the mind to question, and in that questioning they will lose the meditators soon.

In Easter religion, over thousands of years, drugs have been used to make you more aware that you are not your personality that goes on projecting it into the world. The personality is just the tip of the iceberg. However, meditation is a much safer, although slower, journey to see that deeper down is your bigger reality.

Today, all questions that claim to be answered in any holy book are even better answered by many spiritual ‘adepts’ located on the internet, and with current, understandable language. Time to update!

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