Can’t Find Love

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Can’t Find Love

May 19, 2012
Only ‘losers’ can’t find love! No or little love, and you are really ‘love’s loser’! All the money in the world won’t buy you two things, the past, or real love. It’s not about the past or money keeping you from all the love you could imagine. It’s you! Love is attracted to LOVE! Don’t love yourself enough, and don’t make yourself as ‘eligible as possible, well love seeks the more eligible. Both outer and inner care is a magnate, or just a little inner and/or outer, is a magnetic repelling, in other words ‘pushing it away’. Slovenliness is one of the ‘7 deadly sins’ – Poorly kept hygiene of yourself, or where you sleep is a turnoff to love and is usually the tip of an iceberg for what’s inside you!

There are two things which can take your life to the ultimate peaks of bliss and joy. Both of these can make your life a pure orgasmic, eternal experience instead of an infrequent joy that quickly disappears. The two things are both aspects of the same coin. One is ‘love’ meaning the art of being with another and the other is ‘meditation’ or the art of being with yourself. One not being able to be with themselves alone, or loving themselves, cannot really love anyone else in a proper manner, but at most erratically.

One not finding love will certainly be able to function on some level, even become very successful in the outer world. Yet there will be no melody in that existence, as well as the inability to go to the heights of bliss and ecstasy. Vice versa will also be experienced, where finding them unable to be with others in an intimate way, it will be near impossible to relate to themselves. Makes little difference. The art of being with another and the art of being with yourself is the same.

Without being ready, and with the openness to love, there will be nothing inherent in you to remind you of the air of love. Life will be essentially mental, and blind to the warm breezes of the expressions of love. The inner and outer life of you must be in order. You will only attract how you feel about yourself. Feeling ‘up and down’ about who you are will never have lasting resonation of love with anyone who feels consistent love within themselves. It’s time to make sure your house is clean inside and out, so that it is a home for both you and another. Love attracts love. Sitting in the middle of a forest alone, of course, will not likely find a way to share love. One has to be in the ‘marketplace’ where love from another is more likely to be magnetized. Love with another only becomes really alive when you find it within first.


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