Gay Marriage

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Gay Marriage


May 14, 2012
What’s the big deal? People in love should have any healthy options regardless of what god didn’t say, but some attribute to him(?). It’s a fact that couples over a long period of time, have sex less than 1% of that time! Obviously, the upheaval is about the image of sex between two consenting adults. Does anyone criticize love between anyone? Conservative viewpoints, although having some merit, are usually ‘culturally/ignorantly jaded’ and not open to free, common sense dialog. President Obama’s suggesting he’s comfortable with gay marriage is a world opportunity gambit for change, and in time, evolution of the human condition.

It’s a bit of a mystery that if gays have equal possibilities as ‘straight’ people, what will be the outcome in society and/or personally for them, family, and friends? Marriage does not need a ‘piece of paper’, but it does provide certain legal benefits to those married – there should be no exceptions. Not long ago, a black married to a white person was ostracized with reduced legal consideration by many bigoted, racist, legal systems. Having to hide a natural love of another that doesn’t hurt anyone has caused discrimination for work and many social situations.

Some, particularly males, are born with a proclivity to be more oriented toward their same sex. Some of it is cultural environment especially with their parents or siblings. I once met a therapist who worked with lesbians who claimed she had never met one who didn’t turn to being gay that wasn’t abused, mostly as a child. Males seem to be much more ‘born that way’ as well as being reinforced by male bullying in their childhood years. Openness about the whole gay ‘culture’, in time will decrease that.

Religions have controlled and manipulated minds through guilt and fear while the leaders often hide their own indiscretions. Whether it be the Vatican, Islam, or any faith, their power will be diluted as people become more open, and accepting of other life styles. Religions leaders are not the best qualified to enter a persons bedroom or love life. A male and female can kiss in church (not in a mosque though!), why not two females or males.

Over a third of marriages end in divorce, and at least half of the rest are in no way representative of couples married for the right reasons, and out of a love, trust, and communication. It’s time for a new beginning, and an acceptance of people who desire to evolve in their own ways. Love is the key to open the door to any great marriage, or single life.

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