Females are God

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Females are God


May 5, 2012
God is NOT a female! Humans over the centuries have anthropomorphized their vision of a god giving their imagination human like attributes while denying doing any such thing. Making the perception of god as a female will create the same basic illusion. Yesterday while reading on the upcoming trial of conspirators responsible for the tragic 9-11 collapse of the World Trade Centers killing 3,000 people, I noticed how the word god or allah was used to justify what was done. The ‘ringleader’, Sheikh Mohammed was quoted as saying, ‘We are doing Jihad (the violence) for the cause of ‘‘God.’’

The god imagined by billions, had been a male god that justifies male domination of the world. Something has gone wrong with this idolization of a god in the sky who is our father! Men have romped over the world, inspite of good deeds, to commit violence and hatred wherever one turns from their homes to the battlefields of life. The ‘male ego’ has seen its rampage, and needs to be dissolved to never return. Man has become the reflection, and filling the shoes of the word ‘satan’, and become ‘satanic’. The one giving him birth has filled the role of a lesser being.

Man has fallen, and females need to arise as ‘whistleblowers’ for a more sane, loving, compassionate world where we can all walk the streets without the fear of the male savage attacking us. Proselytizing a ‘male father in heaven’ in some make believe place only works for the mind controlled or uneducated non questioning. Females taking the position of ‘god’ will make every man think before he does something in the name of allah or god, as he will be doing it in the name of females, and then that makes no sense to do things in the name of god! Humans have a habit of getting ‘stuck on words’ that they don’t even know the meaning of!

Everyone respects the ‘mother’ and that must translate to all females. Makes no sense having billions of people worship something of which they know nothing of but what they are told. No more following ‘being told’, but instead ‘knowing and seeing’ real feminine energy, and learning the art of tuning into it, be you male or female. May this misinterpretation which has caused endless agony and ignorance be washed out of the mind like soap in the water of the shower. It’s time to reboot or brainwash by washing the brain out the nonsense of ancient man. Let’s give life and love a fresh new clean look, and enjoy as much bliss as possible.

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