One World Religion? Bullshit?

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One World Religion? Bullshit?


April 26, 2012

Let people have the freedom to have their own religion, and God! Both of these words are dead nouns for those who have other busy things on their mind. So what?! Free expression rules as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Hurting yourself is another consideration. Blocking alternative possibilities is a choice, albeit a questionable one given the options. It’s recently been said that most humans brains don’t fully develop until 24, and the reason most act a bit like teenagers. Sadly, these are the ones that go to war, or involve themselves in drinking and drugs.

It is prior to 24 that most humans have been programmed with one ideology-religion or another without rational change in thought! My opinion is that few people go beyond an emotional maturity level of 8-13! Given that situation, one world agreement on a ‘religion’ and one god is impossible! Life is a movement, or a verb and not a ‘set’ unchanging idol to worship because some undeveloped child-adult with a gift of retentive memory for scripture should be given the status of an authority. ‘Rulers of thought’ are regarded as more intelligent but indeed are not!

Intelligence comes with a combination of intellect, experience, open mindedness, and heart, and not a flat intellect with an ‘eidetic memory total recall’ ability that is mistakenly regarded as ‘intelligence’. These types are at the forefront of mind control and manipulation bolstered by the thuggery of people who don’t think, and will support them even if it means ‘violence’. The great mind control trick is to make you feel insecure or guilty for not ‘believing’. Hucksters are in all walks of live from business to politics to religion. Their ability to manipulate and spin information far exceeds their credibility. The vast majority of people, especially the younger, are intuitively smart but have not cultivated the ability to counter others thoughts verbally against those who seek control, and may well have power.

There is no one world religion that will come with the synthesis of what ‘male intellects’ have ‘falsely’ put together as religions over the centuries. Religiousness and godliness are verbs for people who ‘seek’, unlike ‘believers’ who seem to need religion, and the noun god that didn’t exist before the advent of the ‘priest’. ‘WORLD HARMONY’ needs to be the goal, and not a New World Order (NMO) that is bereft with economic-political manipulation of the world. Order is often ‘an order’ of enforcement beyond rational needs. Humanity need to be encouraged to seek positive, harmonious answers with discernment for the individual and collective betterment of all. Arhata



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