Beware of Nice People

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Beware of Nice People


April 27, 2012
…Especially those who tell you they are nice! A certain percentage of people who do good works be they Doctor, Lawyer, Policeman, Handyman, etc., have a self serving hidden side that is covered by your trust in the good they do. Everyone thinks they are a nice person – and they always are ….sometimes, and in their opinion! ‘Nice’ is often a thin coat of paint that covers what’s coming upon closer look. If someone, particularly a stranger, is especially nice, beware of the ‘why’s, but proceed with caution. Lots of seeming ‘nice people’ have an agenda, and see you as the ‘fulfiller’ of that secret need.

People are often like icebergs where what you see is only the tip of what they really are just a little beyond the hidden veneer. Lying, whether by either omission or deception doesn’t balance out sincerity and truthfulness. ‘Not nice people’ lie as a habit that is like a ‘slot machine’ to them – sometimes it works for reward, often it doesn’t, but ‘damage control’ is not one of their concerns as they are likely to find new people who appreciate their ‘niceness’ even though it’s hidden behind temporary. Lies ostensibly protect the ‘lier’ from the truth.

Selling lies to coverup the truth to further advantages for you takes more time, and memory than just telling the truth, and from the heart. Living in the truth helps in being an authentic, genuine nice person. Living covertly takes inventing constantly to maintain a false image of niceness. People wear masks covering up who they really when communication and trustworthiness abdicate the need for a life of always wondering who will discover the truth. Soon the ‘dark side’ begins to become your whole life, and it’s negative effect on the innocent.

Rare is the person who is even nice to themselves as they live in lies, about who they are, and the falsities from others individually, or from those claiming to offer answers to life, be they politicians or religious salesmen. Always be seeking better and better ways and answers of the truth. ‘Believing’ is a step, but into the dark. Belief is a start, but always the journey must be to knowing beyond believing that hides many lies, misconceptions, and, well the truth. Truth is authentically ‘nice’!


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