Religions Censor Thought

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Religions Censor Thought


April 25, 2012

All religions survive because they have a story to tell, and you must believe the story with no free thinking outside ‘that’ box encouraged. Anyone who thinks that thought verbalized into ‘free speech’ is not considered ‘not wanted’, is a programmed ‘religion robot’ who has no mind of his own other than thinking they do. Where, what, who, how, and why questions are just the start of an invisible ‘no trespass zone’. Since a kid, it has always been enjoyable to question. I had a little 3 1/2 year old recently visiting who touched everything with the wide eyed look, and question of ‘what’s this’?

There was a certain amusement on my part, but a gentle instruction here, and there to be careful. As a child grows to the age of a ‘mid child’, the majority are shared a religion story, that their parents came to believe, with warnings that it’s a ‘right truth’ to believe. Of course, truths conveyed don’t need to be believed unless you don’t know or doubt – that’s where ‘trust me’ enters into the picture. Truths are known, no belief necessary. Trust what you are told to believe without the suggestion to openly question it is common, and rarely gets back a truthful answer of ‘knowing’ for sure from the one asked.

Stand in front of a church, mosque, or temple when the service is letting people out, and have a placard saying another religion or non religion is the way while passing out give away printed sheets on where to find information that corroborates that, and watch the reaction. All meetings of healthy life are open to questions and encourage ‘free thinking’. Be aware of where that is not lovingly received, and that is where truth is ‘spun’ to serve an agenda. Quoting any source as having the truth is another sign of someone being programmed for you not to think for yourself.

Thinking, and being able to express all thoughts, including doubts, is what makes being a human unique from all life. Religions in one way, were once necessary to give people some hope for their lives and after, but man has spun and corrupted them into less than 1/2 truths to serve himself. Like offering candy and goodies to the small child only to have an unsavory motive once they trust. Always question what looks good for someones hidden agenda attached. Value that hides someone’s self serving desires, and where free thought is frowned on is a sign to find a new, better, more truthful experience. There is no ‘wrong thing’ to say where openness and love are, even with a partner. Let Go and express!!


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