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Positivity Challenge

March 11, 2012
Cranky, negative old men, and bitchy, negative unfulfilled women, or people of all ages who commiserate on the dark side of life can change that habit. The most selfish people are those who steal other’s positive space with their intrusion of initiating negative rhetoric and behavior. This ‘negative pollution’ sparks across the world leaving it filled with the storms of turmoil far in excess of a safe place for people to thrive in harmony. To know oneself is to find that our true nature is to be a blank slate where one can add any qualities of being by choice.

The key word here is those who ‘initiate’ negativity. In some circles, it’s called ‘bullying’! Kids ‘bully’, and recently steps are being initiated to find ways to stop it. People, especially the young children, but not to forget people of all ages, want to live a very positive life safe from the ‘negative’. Mostly, people with lots of negativity, have endured a childhood where they were conditioned by dissonant parenting, and often in poorly supervised schooling. Sadly, those seem to rarely find ways to correct themselves, but it gets worse as a habit throughout adulthood.

I’d like to see a ‘National Positivity Week’ where the whole week would be dedicated to an individual and collective focus on only using positive rhetoric and behavior. The media could become a major part of it as an example with tips, illustrations, and a concerted effort to go all out. A good time would be in the middle of winter when people seem to be most likely to let the weather get them down. Could be a lot of fun with everyone involved to checkmate where they perceive that situations could be replaced by more affirmative talk and actions. Everyone from children, schools, work environments, personal relationships, news media, etc. can uplift the attitude of the whole country.

Back in the ’70’s after a very heartbreaking couple of years, I committed myself to this with intensity for a couple of years until it became a lot more of what I experienced. Being in corporate sales in NYC, it helped there, but the incredible results that influence every moment, even today, were in ‘relationships’. To supplement the beginning journey, I partook in daily meditations. The power of positivity (without ignoring the negative) led to the most dramatic, affirming experiences that I could only imagine were possible. The effects that happened resonate through every waking moment to this day. Make everyday an opportunity to turn negative into positive, and most importantly, just stay on the positive path where blessings can’t help but be attracted to you. See the positive in everything!

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