Failure to Communicate

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Failure to Communicate

March 9, 2012
It is a responsibility of life to communicate with sensitivity to all who would experience your insensitivity to their dislike. To be a ‘feckless’ person to another who has been led to expect your sensitivity is to be a coward to love, compassion, and life. We have a basic and primal understanding to use empathy and compassion for each we encounter, particularly those who’ve given some advantage to you. One may have nothing to offer or give, but we all have a means and duty to communicate to those who rationally should require it.

Life is about being able to bond and communicate with all living things, but certainly with each other. To not do so is an indication of self absorption, other wise known bluntly as selfishness. Reticence, for whatever reason, is likely a step in the opposite direction of being a more conscious, spiritual being. Even being ‘shy’ is nothing more that a self centered selfishness that is improperly rationalized as acceptable. Courage to move beyond limitations is a great opportunity to grow out of an immaturity that affects others in a negative way.

Arguing isn’t communication. Communication comes from the word ‘to commune’, or to harmoniously connect. Communication is a love enhancer. Real communication involves the participation of the heart. The mind, for all it’s advantages is often the culprit of shutting off the heart to participate in transmitting information to another’s heart. Avoidance of communication always has an agenda of fear or secrecy behind it. Things needing the use of the ‘art of connecting’ only, give both to the giver and receiver. Hurt, pain, and even suffering are the resultants of the unrequited abuser of ‘touching base’ for the expectant receiver.

Sensitivity to everything, especially by those who should be cognizant of another’s space or rights is the wise thing to do. Growth is not easy and often painful. This is the way it is because you avoid a thousand and one painful situations in your life. Avoiding doesn’t destroy them. Swallowing or avoiding communication means the fear or habits remain in your system. Sooner or later, the pain of growing will be at the door – your choice will be to accumulate more in your inner refuse pile or to face them. To grow will require facing those non virtues you have repressed. Face them with the positive acceptance of growing, and becoming less weighted down by ‘woulda-coulda-shouda’s’.

Embrace the polarities of habits from bad to good. Move into an openness with yourself, and with others whose needs warrant it. Communication is integrity. Stay on the path of integrity. Arhata

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