AIDS of Love

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AIDS of Love

February 18, 2012
All people die of lack of breathing. There is also a slow, silent death while alive due to a lack of love, and its tenderness. There are no escapees from death of the body. Most, however, escape the quality, and amount of love that makes life a more blissful and enjoyable journey. AIDS or ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency’,  is the medical moniker for an alleged transferable virus. Likewise, life is best when not being deficient of love to make you more and more immune to life’s challenges from fears, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and countless other symptoms from largely ‘not enough love’.

Love, unfortunately, can be escaped from, and that escaping of love mostly is passed on from generation to generation going back to relatives we have lost memory of. This is the moment in time to STOP, and focus on ‘you’ as the best ‘you’ possible. Running the generational programming from disfunction to disfunction is both selfish to yourself, to others in the family, friends, and the world at large. Anger, fears, disappointment, violence and continuing wars are caused by every you that doesn’t STOP, and putting the foot down of just ‘maintaining’ the status quo of going ‘nowhere’ while thinking ‘going somewhere’.

Somebody needs to help you! STOP, and consider that the person who is most likely to make a difference in you, IS YOU! Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places, or for people who are likewise lookin’ for love everywhere but within themselves, is to miss the best prospect!

In 1955 in Thailand, a reconstruction project necessitated the destruction of an ancient temple that housed an old 10’ tall metal Buddha covered with stucco. Weighing many tons, the crane dropped and cracked it just a few feet from the ground to sit for the night. The rains were heavy in the night with a major storm. At dawn the next day, the abbot of the temple came to survey the damage, and started to scrape away the mud. He observed the wet plaster had cracked leaving a gold underneath. The whole statue was made of solid gold! It was surmised that it had been disguised centuries before to keep an attacking enemy disinterested. The reality of it’s being gold had been forgotten! Now it’s called, ‘the Golden Buddha’ attracting millions of onlookers!

The same is with humanity down to each individual one. Forgotten and covered in mud, the real loving you has been hidden even from yourself. Time to look closer and see that you too shine of gold within.

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