Nuking NYC

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Nuking NYC

February 9, 2012
Imagine the ability to create a force field micro wave oven with a radiating circumference of 10 miles being placed over the center of New York City, and turned on for seconds. It could be referred to as a form of ‘tasering’. ‘Microwaves’ or tasers are not necessary, unhealthy and potentially, deadly. Does, or will the capability to select targets to microwave or to ‘flash to invisibility’ be soon in use? Man is incredibly motivated by greed with ignorance, or unawareness of the implications of what part he plays in the misery of others quite innocent. Life is one of a great duality with man, barely beyond his primitive past consciously, while technological advancements are speeding ahead as if from a superior alien race orchestrating it.

Humanity in the face of change, perhaps destruction, seems at best, to be like a ‘deer in the headlights’, or moving into denial as they go about how they are programmed. All over the world, people are at different stages or eras of living out past life. Millions are still in the mindset of our prehistoric ancestors. Some of these early humans strangely live in the ‘now’ with quite advanced brains, but upon closer observation are really the advanced brains of those living thousands of years ago. Barbarianism may not be void of certain abilities to cognicise, or seem to be in sync with the times. In basic terms, man from thousands of years ago seems to be here in 21st century bodies.

Life is a spiritual journey to seek, and mollify the crude nature of humanity, seeking and finding higher elements of love, compassion, awareness, and discernments of superior levels of thinking, feeling, and action. Humans do compartmentalize actions as illustrated by the married person who loves their spouse but can enjoy the company of another in a very close way. It gets scary when humans can be compartmentalized to do certain tasks with out realizing the end ‘goal’ which may be evil. The spiritual journey is to awaken one to a consciousness of loving awareness of all actions and non actions.

The technological mind often is not the ‘spiritual/conscious’ mind that makes it a better world of joy and bliss, but uses the emotionally undeveloped mind to attack that which he can not live with. Realization that you are part of the problem takes a mind clear of beliefs and negative imaginations.

We are at a time when many technological developments for ‘military purposes’ of killing are hidden from the public. Are we able to obliterate places like London, Teheran, Paris, or Israel, etc., with little effort even without destroying buildings. What would you do if there were a devise that was known to predict not only the weather months ahead of time (which we have), but with near accuracy a catastrophe within 30 days of happening. What would you do if you had a 30 day warning to leave or perish with 90% proven ‘prediction accuracy’? That would be the beginning of choosing an awakening spiritual journey to use discernment, awareness, and self love with action or suffer the consequences of the old resistant human stuck in time. Those awakening will choose life!

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