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Jew Drug


February 8, 2012
Oy veh! There is a certain amazing intellect in the cross section of most Jews, but along with it comes a drug of blindness. The ‘drug’ is attachment. Some of the attachments are universal, some are not, but particularly symptomatic of this group, cult, religion, ideology or whatever. Those attachments that ‘dog’ them are all set in their beliefs dating back thousands of years. This is a new world where most old thinking that once had ‘some’ value, has much less today. There is no Messiah coming for anyone, the jews being no exception.

Jews are attached to ‘devices’ that keep others at bay, and allegedly feeling guilty. Words such as ‘anti semitism’ are one example. The question arises if there were no Israel, would we be better off in the world? Obviously, Jews did not need to be attached to the perception that some piece of land among their enemies belonged to them as if grandfathered in as indicated in an ancient ‘holy book’. No open minded, intelligent person today regards any book as ‘holy’ except for those who can’t let go of that ‘anti evolutionary attachment’.

I have no attachment to Israel other than the protection of humans who live there, and by choice! Jews are the richest group/religion in the world. Jews, admirably preach infinite forms of compassion for their fellow man. With money and political influence, no Jew needs to stay attached to Israel. Why have children to be in harms way of enemies all around ready to annihilate you? Many countries could use more of the jewish acumen and talents. The are especially welcome in North America. Why stay attached to what creates anger in others without changing the attitude that is responsible for that.
Cleverness to defend what one doesn’t have to does not work. What works is a deeper focus on love, and less on perceived entitlements.

Liberal Jews are perhaps the finest friends, neighbors, and loves in my experience. Free expression is a great quality among those, unlike the other ‘jew type’ who wrecks the image for the ‘open expression’ ones with their word twisting ways as they stay attached to outdated ‘holy books’. The earth is holy, and each religion and political system needs to take responsibility to assure that the words and actions of peace and love resonate everywhere inspite of many who are still in the neanderthal stages. If I buy a rich block of land and buildings in the middle of the ‘crips and bloods’ gangland in South Central Los Angeles, I should expect the worst, and is it smart to bring up innocent children there?

The 3 Abramic religions, two  being knockoffs of Judaism, are like the ‘bloods and the crips’ inspite of their qualities. There is a new man and woman arising! It’s time to move from what doesn’t work, like forcing a square peg in a round hole. It’s time to jump start more joy and bliss on all the holy land, called Earth! Let love and meditation be the ‘drug’!

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