Winter to Spring Woman

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Winter to Spring Woman


February 7, 2012
The ‘old woman’ is still bamboozled, and mentally abused by male energy. It’s past time to ‘spring forward’ and leave that ‘devil’ behind! Ever notice that whether its’ the devil, god or the messiah it’s always male? Male inferiority has been epidemic through out all time as he searches for his carnal desires under the guise of a lord or just his misogynist brain. Woman has been a slave and prostitute to male domination and control right up to this very moment. Change to the better is usually a slow, resistant process, but right thinking makes it transcend all barriers faster than melting snow on a warming Spring day.

Spring time is here! It’s time that humanity get out of the cold winter with no seasons but in their wishful thinking. So few humans the world over get but their hopes and dreams crushed. Here in the US where some oppressed groups, be it gay, black, or females, are finally feeling the scent of Spring. Men have lorded over the world forever keeping females on a ‘ball and chain’ with less than the appreciation they show for football or their dog. Now it’s time for the rise of the female to continue.

A real, centered woman is not ‘anti male’, but cultivates a wisdom on the male problem, and has the ability to shake her head, and at the same time laugh. Bitterness only feeds the demons that linger in most males. Demons attract demons! Whole countries are filled with ‘demonic’ energy, hence all the repressions; and female abuse often given thumbs up by outdated, archaic religions that are even further worsened by the collusion of politicians and religion leaders collaborating for control of the masses.

Love that lasts in connecting with most male energy is frequently not reciprocated enough by either. Running to some ‘religion’s house of worship’ is not the best answer. Better answers may be in women’s groups or open spiritual yoga/meditation groups. Humans are not good at making choices for love as their ‘biology and naivete’ lead them astray. This applies to both who may not be ready for the school of love.

Marriage and coupling is a mystery school of love’s enhancement, not just a way to acquire possessions, and become one. Being and feeling free with mutual communication and agreement leads to the ‘new woman’ who rises in the Spring of life while shedding the past winters that only end in a cold death. Put happiness in your DNA and be part of positive female energy rising all over the world. Positive men always encourage a woman’s compassionate freedom! Let all of humanity rise out of winter into Spring starting with you!

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