God’s Tragic Mistake

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God’s Tragic Mistake

February 5, 2012
MAN! Not women. Men, and men who are unwilling to see the obvious without going into the ‘why’s’. Collectively, women are not angels, but if you could find a way to deduct the ‘wrongs’ men have done to them, they’d collectively be much more capable of creating a ‘gentler world’. The world needs more female energy to surpass the ugliness of what bad male energy continues to do.

Now few realize, because a more modern technological age has arisen from millenniums of a more primitive life, that we collectively are not that more personally evolved. We have entered an age of infinite facets, from being more spoiled or ‘entitled’, to seeing much violence including scattered wars over the earth that could erupt into a global destruction anytime. Only men start wars, even though only a small percentage of soldiers really want to be in them, but are essentially forced to participate.

On one hand it seems that a certain amount of males should be aborted, but when thought out, regardless of one’s view of abortion, there are many implications of having a more than normal minority of men. One of them is really the solution to correct the ‘seeming mistake’. That one will inspire most men to use sex to satisfy biological desires with less concern for love. It’s very much a world still with mostly ‘broken wing’ behaviors and personalities. The good news is that nearly everyone today has the information and techniques available to move beyond their inner problems and limitations.

Two people together in a deep friendship that’s loving, compassionate, and sensitive is a meditative relationship. In that space the highest love is possible for each, as well as together if they choose. It is each’s part in a couple to put themselves in the other’s place, and try to see through the eyes of the other. Two become one, and yet a third being arises where the mind and heart are both the same as each, but is encompassing the other to make for a new spiritual being. At this point it is possible for love to grow.

In the event, a coupling isn’t possible, always it’s possible to give attention to meditation, and a centering of one’s being where love can arise. Man’s tragic mistake is to not see, and find that love is always the best way! Love always waits inside for you to hug!

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