Ox – Castrated Bull

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Ox – Castrated Bull


February 4, 2012
Sex is dumbed down by the politicians and religions for the masses as a means of control. A bull is always hungry for sex. Castrate all bulls and there would be no cows, and no hamburgers and steaks! In the past, in certain cultures like India, only a castrated bull could be trusted to pull a ‘bullock’ cart. A bull would be like on steroids if it saw cow! Complete control was necessary, hence the ‘ox’! Remember – You are not a machine!

Children play a game of hide and seek, and can safely come out of hiding yelling a phrase, ‘Olly, olly oxen free’! I use to think because my dad was called ‘Ole’ that it was about him! The ‘oxen’ is the plural for Ox, and somehow meant ‘freeing the bull hidden behind the ox. When the Navy Seals assassinated Osama bin Laden in hiding, they purportedly said ‘olly, olly, oxen free’. the Western world came out of millenniums of hiding their sexual repressions in the 1960’s and ’70’s until in the mid ’80’s when the government and religions deemed it necessary to stop the ‘olly, olly, oxen free sexual revolution’.

Sex is the most powerful instinct in humanity. All politicians and leaders of religions have understood this. To control humanity to follow their dictums they have learned to manipulate, often in collusion, the masses making them in a real sense slaves to their wishes. Few see through the domination and manipulation. When you want a bull to obey, you castrate him eliminating his sexual desires. Same idea with humanity only hidden reasons are created to dumb down his sexual energy. Man has become like the ox.

SEX REPRESSION is at the very core of enslaving the human mind and energy. Man cannot be free unless sex is free, and unless his sex energy is allowed natural growth.

Rare is the child who is properly nourished with adequate love thereby allowing them to later experience healthy sex and love. Keep man ignorant and deluded so they can be easily controlled. Marriage is like a ‘yoke’ on an oxen for most who suffer unknowingly from enough love nourishment as a child (not that it can’t be fixed). Man falls in line like an oxen to follow a certain way established by those in control who seem invisible.

When people are filled with the energy of love, their are no limits to their personal evolvement, and abilities to create. Love makes you aflame, lack of it makes you like an Ox and just going through the motions of perceived responsibility. Sexual repression equals love repression. Low love creates higher fears, again more to be controlled by. The politicians, religions, and more and more corporations want to keep you in their control to serve them as ‘slaves’.

Be free! Be mindful of ways that the politicians, advertisers, religion, and all ‘bull castration’ that takes away your inner free energy of thinking and feeling. Nurture the love within. Arhata

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