Beliefs are Drugs

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Beliefs are Drugs

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February 2, 2012
Drugs are ‘mind altering’ and consequently ‘actions’ altering. Anything taken into the body, including information from another that requires your blind ‘belief’ is a drug! In America, all but a small minority are drunk on a ‘cocktail’ of drugs. Even unresolved issues are a drug that plays off and on throughout one’s life like a stuck vehicle horn or an incessant barking dog. The Catholics and Muslims believe that if you teach their beliefs beginning as a child, you will likely forever be part of their fold. The Jews insist that you are a jew forever if your mother was, but are a lot more compassionate in that they don’t solicit and recruit anyone.

Peddlers of ‘devils mind juice’ come clothed in all types of disguises from the religion salesmen, to governments which kill or imprison you if there is a refusal to join a group (military) to kill. In the 1960-’70’s the late teens youth in America were either forced to kill innocent people in the poor country of Vietnam, or face imprisonment, and losing certain rights of citizenship. We fight to free others, but are not always free ourselves. Ignorance and fear are the ‘honey’ of the devil people that acts as a government, religion, or individuals who seek pleasure at the victims expense.

Many types of drugs are addictive stimulants in the brain. Denial of needing change for a more positive and critical questioning of others authority is a very big addiction. The addiction to suffering in the mind of unresolved issues is also a common disease of humanity. To deal with those ‘problems’, some seek legal and illegal drugs to numb the pain and feel better for a brief time, then the cycle begins again. Others submit to preaching ‘saved by god’s grace’ while letting your responsibilities off the hook by god’s forgiveness. Lipstick on a lie is still a lie!

YOU are no ordinary human being on the ‘road of addiction to hell’, but a divine being representing what human beings were meant to be. You just may not see that vision yet, but it’s there for you to assimilate into your daily life. Love doesn’t need ‘attachment’, or only that which pretends to be the answer you’re looking for. If you need something that you can’t get enough of, have it be love! Real love is addicted to you, not you to it.

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