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January 16, 2012
As a politician of conservative bent, I would love to know I had tens of millions of solid, ‘beat – the – religion – drum – or – go – to – hell’ supporters giving me their votes! If I were a liberal politician, I’d love to have the tens of millions of occasional ‘sippers of religion’ who look for some open adjustments to our collective ways of thinking. I can understand why millions who have suffered through alcoholism, substance abuse, and all kinds of lack of love, look for a ready made answer, allegedly from above, to follow a happier life path. At some point though, it’s prudent to ween off of the lesser (?) drug before it becomes just another addictive replacement.

Why stop at a solution that is only a ‘temporary one’ to ‘get out of the rain, and letting it become
a so called ‘ultimate solution’ while turning it into a malaise of slothfulness, or laziness, rather than using the courage to break out from a cocoon of a crutch for living. Becoming entrapped in another addiction to avoid seeing who you are is an example of one of the seven deadly sins which is the apathy of ‘sloth’. To be a bit ‘unkind’, attachment to an intermediary solution is bordering on denied obsessiveness which can become a mental disorder.

Believing that you have the sole, absolute truth is a sign of unresolved fears and insecurities. Recovery from religioholism (and that includes ‘atheistic’) is a long, and often harrowing process of detachment from trying to dictate other people’s lives and personal practice to a purported, infallible belief system.  Such people are never content with their own beliefs and values as lived by themselves, but demand that their whole families, communities, nations and even the whole world must follow the same way under penalty of censure, banishment, punishment, torture, death and/or eternal damnation.

Detoxification is the physiological, or psychological removal of toxic substances from a living organism. Religion is a type of dependence inducing ‘potion’, in a way like alcohol or drugs. The majority are light, moderate, to no ‘consumers’ of a religion system. Billions do it. Drugs or alcohol may have some psychological benefits, and yet at the same time create some physical health problems, and a general price to pay. Indifferent to that, billions find enough satisfaction to become somewhat tolerant, oblivious, or apathetic to the ‘prices to pay’.

Religion is a step for the sick to help purge themselves of a misfortunate past, but is not a vehicle to become attached to falling in love with. In a sense, religion is a rehab to set you free of the ‘demons’ that created habitual addictions. Staying in a religion ‘ad infinitum’ is to not ‘give up the nipple’ that sustains one until ready for what’s needed to grow. The so called ‘God’ doesn’t follow any religion, nor do ‘you’ need to endlessly. Any life hereafter doesn’t have scriptures but is responsive to the vulnerable heart vibration and your open innocence of awareness. Time to stop ‘mind invasions’, and open the heart and awareness to follow your own path of divine godliness.

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