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Be Anti Belief & Faith


January 14, 2012
Being ‘religious’ is a blessing! Being part of any religion is to sell yourself, and purpose in life short! Religions are a box, and have a lid on the possibilities that are available for you who are courageous enough to fly to the heights of consciousness where the mysteries of life, and love are stored. Until you escape from the box of any religion, or denial of the spiritual, you are a slave to ‘dead men’s words that have nothing to do with ‘god’ or godliness but to subjugate you to the guilts, and fears that you conjure up all around you. To be religious is a beautiful thing – being part of a religion endlessly is ugly given the alternative of following blissfulness.

To be religious to me means to find enjoyment in love and life. Let religiousness be a thankfulness to being in existence with it’s opportunities of love, joy, laughter, and the ability to grow in consciousness. It leaves one in awe, and with the desire to give back in gratefulness to all of life and love.

God would have committed suicide if he/she had seen the ‘holy scriptures’ allegedly written by him just out of embarrassment. Religions are dogmatic with threats of eternal hell if seen stepping outside of the ‘box’ of their dictums. You must ‘believe’ in their scriptures and have faith that they are ‘God’s word’. I am against belief and faith where one has the possibility of ‘knowing’. It won’t be long before someone comes out with a ‘pill’ that allows one to ‘believe’. To know must be from your own experience. Only the ‘blind’ believes there is light – those who can see – know. If you are blind – then believe there is light.

Why be tethered to the chains of a claimed holy man who didn’t even write what is in the scriptures, let alone having credible evidence that he even existed. Of course, millions, billions, have belief and faith in what hundreds of men have put into writing with no consultation with the alleged source as to what he spoke. People are gullible and blithering idiots to at some point not ‘look beyond’. The ‘takeover’ of the human mind is easy when the people are too busy to challenge the incredible inconsistencies with the ‘intelligence’ of a god who knows everything.

Be your own generating station! ‘Believe’, if you must, while looking for the real answers, and have faith that they are there, but not until you personally know! That’s gratitude for the ‘godliness’ of life given you! Is there a greater sin than betraying yourself, and stopping short of available knowing, with ‘believing’? Knowing comes from the power of truth within. Why stop at ‘believing’?

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