Fuck Negativity

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Fuck Negativity


January 13th, 2012
Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car, nor does the use of any word make you a wordsmith, but it’s a start! People who are not sensitive about the freedom of others speech are repressive and negative! ‘Negative behavior’ is to be avoided, as part of making life for others a more positive experience. Negativity comes in many forms apart from human interaction, let alone humans taking over the leading edge of it. Negativity from others is dependent on your perception of it as being so, and how you deal with it.

Accept that life has infinite negativities. and in sense, part of our evolutionary purpose in life is learning how to turn ‘reacting’ into ‘responding’ from the heart and skillful means. Negativity is like an electric fence to alert others to not touch, and stay away from what’s inside. Likewise, humans harbor unresolved issues behind a fence that has a warning for those paying attention. Why tread in deep water unless you’re prepared to handle it? There is no point in delving into people’s negativity unless it’s a ‘choice less choice’, like in a work environment.

All forms of fear and violence are from not harmonizing with others, creating a negative environment, and putting you possibly in ‘harm’s way’. Three pillars of being ‘spiritual’ are coming from the heart, being aware, and using discernment or common sense in dealing with anything that may have negative overtones. In Manhattan of NYC, where I lived for many years, socializing was most advantageous in ‘dance night clubs’ or upscale singles bars. Almost never did I experience ‘negativity’ from others. On the other hand, the same types of places in other more negative environments frequently experience belligerent behavior.

Negativity is mostly a choice – often a choice of your perception that can be looked at as an opportunity on how to best deal with it, and avoid the unnecessary in the future. As you reach higher in consciousness, and from the heart, you will either ‘overlook’ what once was seen as negative, learn to position yourself at a distance which makes it less negative, or avoid negativity that can be seen ahead of it’s interference with positivity. Life is best when always choosing the top of numerous options, even with a little humor – ‘I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.’

Allowing, and nurturing the love of the beauty that resides in you (as it does for everyone) will clear the skies of your daily life. Always look for the advantages of any negativity, and relocate to higher grounds for the joys that come automatically for those who’s hearts are filled with love.  We need a planet with fewer reasons to grieve and far more reasons to celebrate. Arhata

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