Dogs, Wives, Cats

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Dogs, Wives, Cats


January 4, 2012
Put your dog, wife, and a cat in the trunk of a car for a few minutes. Open the trunk, and notice each’s behaviors, especially who still is glad to see you! One jumps out, and runs away, the other is angry and pissed, and one is excited to see you! Abuse of women, be they a wife or little girl. is rampant in some cultures, and is a crime, sadly often taken without legal recourse. Early abuse by males of the ‘weaker’ sex (?) is the leading reason why many females may not be the ‘goddesses’ that they can be.  Additionally, cultural deprivation of education and love is epidemic in most societies.

Religions are all male created for domination, and control of more than their neighbors, but also as an excuse to put females in an inferior place with reasons why that’s not true. No religion or culture has been dedicated to teaching all humans as equal except recent social moves in educationally advanced societies, and apart from religions.

Males in the billions create situations where women are kept, and treated, no better than animals. Sadly, women often serve men because they have allowed themselves, usually with little choice, to be controlled by men for perceived survival much like a dog who knows where his food comes from. In this new world of expanding ways to find information on creating a better ‘self awareness’, females must take the initiative to gain ‘self power and love’.

Going ‘too far’ in liberation or independence needs a balance of self love, or females can become like the ‘cat’ who thinks it needs no one. We are all interdependent. We are all built to enjoy our lives more by opening our hearts to all sensitivities. Perhaps the greatest one is to excel in communication of all forms, verbal, emotional, and by actions.
Dogs and cats are limited in their ability to communicate, and certainly, to find out how. No longer is that the case for all humans in countries with access to forms of education. World wide in past history females have not been as welcome as a new born as males for twisted male reasons amounting to stupidity and non compassion.

Largely in the animal kingdom, males are a significant minority. It seems reasonable that we need methods to control the birth of the number of males to give females a chance for once to make this a world more gentle and humane. It’s time to put male energy in the ‘trunk’ of the future, at least until there is a healthy balance of female and male energies world wide. If we need religions, let women create them new and fresh for a more loving world, and one, unlike the present ones, that include humor and laughter.

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