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December 15, 2011
Love anyone, and as many as you want, being faithful and loyal with that love. Real, deep inner love has no motives, but to be anything other than being mindful, and sensitive when letting that love reach out. That is being ‘in fidelity’! Fidelity is a clarity of joy, happiness and bliss, certainly not the lurking shadows of deception that moralists of religions have painted it black with. ‘Infidelity’ has been misused to become an expression of non compliance with agreed upon rules in regards to physical acts of touching another appropriately or not. Perhaps ‘non fidelity’, or cheating is a better word usage. Being clandestine and frivolous while partnering with another who isn’t in agreement is a type of thievery of love’s essence.

We as humans live in fear, guilt and infinite misperceptions. There need not be any fears of feelings for another in addition to your partner, it’s a question of the sensitive way to act them out. Nor should there be a guilt for any feelings or notions of intimacy for anyone wether you, or they, are married and/or in love with another. That’s absurd! Acting it out on the most intimate physical terms is another matter. Conjugal agreements, and the sensitivity with the compassion to them is to live in ‘godliness’.

In the beginning of what is agreed on to be a committed relationship, total communication needs to insure a solid foundation of being as ‘one’ with all possibilities of acting as an individual being in sync with that ‘oneness’. The problem with love that bounces between ‘it’s on, then off, then on, etc.,’ is that it’s conditional, and not the right condition for a likely ‘fidelity of agreement’. Each in conditional love creates a situation where you become ‘infidels’ to each other. Always, and in all circumstances, sensitivity, compassion and communication with the other is imperative to set both on a ‘karmic path’ that opens to more love rather than heartbreak.

Love that doesn’t meet the wishes of one or the other is love gone astray, perhaps not recoverable, but one never knows. Always love or any semblance of what was, must for good future emotional health, be left in a harmony. Amends should be made for each (or one) for not giving what was originally agreed upon. Making amends is to help you, and the other with a ‘closure’ in as good a level of love energy as possible. Be faithful and loyal to love both within yourself, toward a close recipient of love, as well as everyone. Be in fidelity with love’s manifestations, and always be mindful of communication from the heart. Love has no limits. Be ‘in fidelity’ with love!

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