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November 19, 2010
If you must marry, marry for benefits. Most men need a mother who has a strong leach on them – rich or poor, so why not have the perks of being rich?! Still, rare is the man who can love as strong as a woman who gives unconditional love. That strong woman can look until the end of time (and time is short) to find her equivalent beyond the ‘honeymoon romance’, that may well end in a slow decline before the bells of marriage begin. Love yourself, and deal with the imperfections of being with someone, (if you insist), who falls short of your inner gifts, but provides a ‘cushy life’ otherwise.

Healthy men are hunters of their desires. However, are they really healthy if they slip in the dark to hunt the ‘desire of another’ without ones unlikely acceptance? I’ve found that upon relaxed questioning, most ‘marrieds’ (privately and secretly) would likely consider either a better partner, or to be single. On the other hand, few would consider anyone with their exact same inner qualities, but in another body, that they were physically attracted to, as a lifetime partner. It’s easier for the average person (and sadly), to overlook deficiencies in a partner if they are well provided for. In other words, they would ‘sell deep love out’ for a ‘ride in the park of life’!

Of course, in todays hi-tech world, a man of means, can just scan on the internet for an escort who’s ready to spend an hour with him on his way home from work. That ‘quickie’ will amount to a very small part of his weekly earnings, then he can freshen up there before going off to the wife who never will know, but will overlook love, and integrity for a life of shopping to her hearts desire. She will endure most anything, including unnecessary abuse. Settling for, and choosing money as a prime requisite for marriage is a form of ‘usury’ built on deception that both partners in one way or another suffer the consequences of ‘revolving shape shifting’ of love, anger, and money.

The ‘second best life style’ is far more obtainable than that of the ‘first’ which is being partnered or married in a near flawless connection of two people who have reached a high level of self love, or inner peace and harmony. The 2nd best is being that quality, but free and single, and is far more, although rare, obtainable. I would place ‘average married quality’ as 5th best, but still above many. Why not marry for money if it’s going to be a 5th best quality? My experience and suggestion is to stay free as possible to attain 2nd best which may need meditation and self love to grow into, but is more obtainable. Then, with extraordinary luck, attract the same, leading to seeing whether to make a long term or short term commitment of living together. Life alone with friends is potentially more exciting than all but the very, very rare couple on a lifelong honeymoon.


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