Let Love Go!

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Let Love Go!


November 14, 2011

Love turns against itself when it’s lost it’s heart. Love, or some semblance of it can be chopped up, and encased in a box of many forms of non love such as ‘hate’. Love is a gentle force always at your ‘beck and call’, but may be in a fight with the mind of the ego. Love requires no attachment and expectation, or it ‘gets set aside’ as darkness becomes the prominent energy that hides the love. The object of love is not necessary for the love of self. The love of self feeds energy unto itself.

Always, love ‘loves’ being free, and not dependent on this or that. Love is available where there seems to be no love, and even conditions contrary to all sense of love. Love has a ‘tank’, so to speak. That ‘love  tank’ always is available to receiving love from the air you breath! It just needs you to let go, and open the heart to that energy that is beyond the mind. In that space ‘meditation’ happens of it’s own accord. Be free of all attachment to any constraints. Even common sense, or discernment has a time to be let go of to see, and feel who you really are.

Treat yourself as if you are ‘God’. Don’t expect others to do the same to you though. Godliness is everything. Accept who you see yourself as, and the world around, but see beyond the ‘small picture’. You are no less than ‘godly’, it’s just being in relaxation, and seeing the beauty all around and within you. The ‘so called’ God when sitting on the moon looking toward the earth is not going to see you, so you have to use your own eyes to see yourself. Do for you what any God would do for you!

Love is a trickster to the mind of the ego! Allow moments to be free of the mind, and feel the sense of energy building in the heart. That ‘energy’ can be called ‘godliness’. Treat your heart as if a God is there pumping energy into your heart, and without ‘identification’ to words, that’s what really is happening. Love doesn’t just come from being with another but in your giving and receiving from the heart not only to others but to yourself. To live on the outside, live fully on the ‘inside’ where the juice of life is. The spirit is always open to being ‘young’ and free – it just depends on you letting go, and welcoming in the love in the air. The clear air is love! Breath it in!!


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