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October 17, 2011
To be just ‘happy’ is rather ‘bland’. The majority of people will answer yes to a rather obvious ‘answer-question’, ‘Are you happy’? Who wants to say they are ‘unhappy’ more than infrequently. On rare occasion when some, usually ‘out of touch’ person asks me that question, my answer is, ‘I’m excited’, and that is beyond the rather neutral, ‘I’m happy’. To be excited and enthusiastic about every day from awakening until sleep, with rare moments of, ‘stop the clock challenges’ is, well, ‘exciting’! People easily fall into a ‘white sound’ like sleep of routine that is like walking in place where nothing much changes.

‘Yippee-ki-yay’ was supposedly a cowboy expression of extraordinary happiness or joy. Although a bit of a sophomoric expression, it somewhat represents an upbeat, enthusiastic expression of optimism. Hope, optimism, forward thinking with a sense of enthusiasm and expectation propels you through what others refer to as ‘the daily grind’ of  ‘same old, same old’. The ‘ordinary’ coupled with the word ‘extra’, making it extraordinary, is an upward mobility attitude that tends to forego the worries and stress people get caught up in as they cling to the illusion of, ‘I’m happy’.

Life and your inner world can become likened to ‘underbrush’ in the rain forests that make any movement on the journey near impossible. Clearing that ‘underbrush’ of the mind, and in the heart takes a strong ‘intent’ to somehow rise above it making a new unencumbered path to allow the ‘graceness’ from the beyond to permeate or float into your very being with a new, and fresh energy that propels itself. People need a ‘primal scream’ from within to awaken themselves to see that we are fast moving beyond the past that also ‘carted’ many previous generations problems, and myopic outlooks on life that ‘stunted’ inner growth.

Several years ago with my ‘free speech display show’ on the Venice Boardwalk in Los Angeles, I had a rather intense middle age guy who was very deft at walking on 20 feet of crushed glass in bare feet, AND with someone on his shoulders, sometimes weighing over 250 pounds! The amazing additional thing was that he weighed only 118 pounds himself!!  To start his ‘demonstration-show’ he would yell to the crowd with enthusiasm – ‘Rock and Roll Time’ as he pulled some unsuspecting soul out of the crowd to put on his shoulders for the ‘glass walk’. Excitement, enthusiasm, wonderment, and every awakening attention rivited as the crowds looked in excited wonderment! Through all, he was centered, and in a state of meditation.

Having ‘excited-enthusiasticness’ with a state of meditation, floats one above the forays of the mediocre of the day. It’s being in the moment, with head in the stratosphere, feet on the ground, and an eye watching where you’re walking. Stay excited with enthusiasm!

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