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October 13, 2010
Little children need to know the difference between ‘good/bad or yes/no’, and nothing to do with ‘Christian values’! ‘Values’ is an adult word used in ‘supermarkets’ and for products sold to have more monetary appeal than an alleged ‘other’. From birth to death and beyond, the teaching of the ‘highest ways’ to do anything are readily available without any religious instruction. Millions have survived in a higher consciousness using common sense, awareness, discernment, and most of all ‘love’. No religion has an answer better than love beginning with finding the inner self love within.

Politicians, whose main purpose is to get elected, and stay in power, will use whatever in the ‘market’ provides the best response at the voting booth. Politicians pander to those who donate money, like corporations, or the rich regardless of the consequences which can be ‘word spun’ to ameliorate the gullible sheeple. But, more useful to certain politicians is to stroke the conservative anti-social change ‘evangelical and born again’ Christians by pretending to agree with what they want. Many politicians look to survive by taking bribes from the more socially unconscious, monetary contributors who depend on the votes of the naive and ‘the moral values’ churchers who don’t question anything that challenges their holy book beliefs.

Successful life in any dimension needs transparency. Transparency involves communication and integrity. The world has become more and more transparent while becoming too complicated to see what’s ‘transparent’! Behind the scenes, in the ‘back room’, if you will, are those manipulating for gain. Who’s to blame. The manipulators or those who are silent and passive? Others deciding what should happen with in you is ‘slavery’.

There is a saying, ‘ whether the rock hit the pitcher, or the pitcher hits the rock, it’s bad for the pitcher’! Humanity is the pitcher! The tail is wagging the dog! ‘We the people’ need to wake up, and be an active part of the process negatively affecting each other’s lives.  There comes a time when a child grows up, moves out of the house, and can no longer expect dad to fix everything. Passivity may have a place, but doesn’t work when the quality of your life is at stake. People need to see the ‘puppet strings’ that they’ve allowed themselves to be on the end of, and cut the strings rising up on their own to greater responsibility, and wisdom of not only how their outer life is controlled, but how programming of negative energy controls them from seeing the outer, or more importantly the ‘inner’. My answer: get on the stick using awareness and discernment of best choices while at the same time ‘finding out who you really are’.

‘’We have arrived a monumental moment in the history of humanity. For the first time, we have the necessary capability, technology and resources to address almost every fundamental problem on this planet, including concerns about nourishment, health, education and the environment. Never before was this possible. Everything is in place and the only thing missing is human willingness to make it happen. For this to take place, a certain inclusive consciousness is needed. Raising human consciousness in the world is the most important thing that needs to happen right now.’

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